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Hornbill Platform Quarterly Feature Update 2020 Q1 and Q2

We kicked off the first half of 2020 with several exciting new features and functionality across various aspects of the Hornbill Platform. This summary introduces a number of the key ones and a short description of where to go to configure them.

Remote Working Part 3: – Key management practices that must change

In Part 2, I tabled the idea that a transition to remote working will be difficult for many organizations, because I think it’s very important to recognize and deal with the challenges instead of just focusing on the many positives of remote...

Remote Working Part 2: – The “New Normal” is unlikely to happen for most organizations!

In Part 1, I introduced the idea that Remote Working seems simple, and this could be the new normal for many organizations who have a workforce made up of knowledge workers.  When the lockdown for COVID-19 kicked in, all businesses had to adapt and...

Remote Working Part 1: Is working from home really this simple?

On March 23rd 2020, I put out a general company communication that *all* staff should work from home with immediate effect, and until further notice – a communication I never envisaged I would ever put out at Hornbill.

SPOTLIGHT: Wessex Water – Self-sufficient IT enablement

I first met Andy Gilbert in person at our Hornbill Insights event last year. Wessex Water had just wrapped up the final stage of their ITSM tool selection process, and although they had selected Hornbill for IT, the solution had not yet been...

COVID-19: How is the Service Desk coping with home working?

Last week, in the first video of this series, Nick Brailsford, from South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive explained the build up to the COVID-19 lockdown, and the sterling efforts from IT teams to get everyone working from home. That period...

5 ways to make collaboration successful

Today, as the world changes around us, literally hour-by-hour, IT is faced with enabling the greatest economic transition in world history. We face uncertainty at every level, as citizens, as family members, and as employees. Will this crisis...

COVID-19: How has IT responded?

Last week, I wrote an article for ITSM.Tools and voiced my opinion on how COVID-19 might impact the future of ITSM. I received lots of comments about the article, including a couple from customers on LinkedIn. When I responded to these comments, I...

Escaping Your Firefighting Loop

4 Elements to Include in your Transformation Strategy Despite significant progress and innovation within the ITSM tools market, firefighting remains a serious issue for most service delivery teams.

Coronavirus – Remote working and Collaboration

Whilst people argue whether government responses to delay the spread of COVID-19 have been adequate, any measures that are being implemented now, will undoubtedly be escalated during the coming weeks, as countries try to flatten the peak of...