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Stop fearing Automation, start driving IT

A couple of weeks ago, I caught up with Marc Littlefair, IT Services Manager at BTG Plc, to follow up on the excellent session he delivered at Hornbill INSIGHTS19. Marc's presentation on IT Automation was one of the most popular sessions of the...

SPOTLIGHT: City of York Council – Taking ICT to the next level

This week I had a chat with Philippa Smith, at City of York Council, who kindly agreed to answer some questions about the progress they have made since implementing Hornbill.

What is the role of Service Transition, and should we be making it redundant?

I attended an excellent session yesterday at the University of Oxford, which was organized by itSMF UK and the Service Transition SIG. The topic for the day - Transitioning agile projects into service - drove excellent discussions about the role of...

Hornbill Insights 2019 Recap

Last week we had the pleasure of hosting our customers at the annual Hornbill Insights event in London. Previously a one-day event, Hornbill Insights has gone from strength-to-strength, packed with incredible content. In 2019, we decided to extend...

7 Years Later How Has Collaboration Changed Hornbill?

The year was 2012 and at Hornbill, collaborating was pilling into a meeting room with remote workers dialled on a conference phone and knowledge sharing was an internal Wiki server. This was all about to change as first post was made to a new...

INTEGRATION: Sharing Google Drive Files direct from a Workflow

Here at Hornbill, we are passionate about providing easy to use, out of the box integrations with as many providers as possible. We have already provided over 700 integrations which are available to our customers! 

Deliver the HR Service experience your employees deserve - Part 9

Celebrate success and prepare for continual improvement The final blog post in this series provides some ideas on how to measure early success and the things you need to consider to keep momentum going, because implementing a new HR Service...

Deliver the HR Service experience your employees deserve - Part 8

Marketing your services This penultimate blog post in this series discusses the important task of marketing your services.

Deliver the HR Service experience your employees deserve - Part 7

Determine your preferred release strategy

Deliver the HR Service experience your employees deserve - Part 6

The sixth blog post in this series covers the important topics of defining your services, building your Service Catalog and request types, and how to leverage User Stories to ensure that your HR Service Management solution has the right...