Digital transformation for local government

Cut costs and boost productivity with simple work automation and digital citizen interaction
Local Government

Automate citizen interaction and service delivery

Replace costly one-to-one interaction with a digital portal that citizens love.
Automate delivery processes with simple drag-and-drop that anyone can use.
Transform the citizen experience in just 90 days.

Solving your challenges

A digital experience citizens love...and use

Modernize the citizen experience

Hornbill’s web and mobile portal looks after the simple, routine interactions that flood in everyday—so your people can focus on the citizens that need one-to-one attention. Citizens get what they want, how they want it.

Profound impact on operational costs

Cut operational costs

Automate up to 90% of citizen interaction and 80% of workloads. Hornbill's simple, codeless workflow designer puts automation in reach of everyone—public service managers, HR, facilities, finance, legal, IT, and any other team. With Hornbill, you can cut costs all the way across your organization.

Reliable services that citizens trust

Deliver for your citizens

Workflow orchestration guides the flow of work—inside and across teams—to guarantee fast delivery, every time. Fast, transparent delivery means no more status update calls. Teams get more time to solve problems and provide personal service where it’s needed.

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Hornbill saves me a lot of time"

See how Hornbill is enabling Aylesbury Vale District Council’s ambitious plans for modernization.

Happy teams

Happy teams

Making life at work better

Digitalization of citizen interaction and automation of workflows takes the strain off your teams. With Hornbill's codeless automation, they can quickly put out the fires, eliminate the backlogs, and turn focus to new projects and service improvements.

Happy citizens

Happy citizens

Services that citizens can rely on

When services are guided by digital workflows, citizens get what they need—on time, every time. With Hornbill, it's easy to take the next step—fully automated digital services that are delivered instantly to citizens, hands-free. 

Funding IT investements in 2022 and beyond

A new approach for a new pace of business

Digital transformation for local government

Transform citizen experience

Transform citizen experience

Swap endless call queues for instant, low cost digital interaction.

Transform the flow of work

Transform the flow of work

Connect teams with seamless workflows that deliver for the citizen, every time.

Transform speed of work

Transform speed of work

Simple task automation accelerates outcomes and reduces workload by up to 80%.

A new future for local government

Automate the automatable.

Shift focus from daily interactions and operations to the projects that matter.

Automate 90% of interaction and 80% of work.

Why waste time on routine work when you can quickly automate it with Hornbill?

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Why we love hornbill...

We have six or seven teams on Hornbill including our HR, Legal, and Marketing departments. We can configure it for any team.”

Safe path to success. Guided by experts

Stop the phones ringing

In the first 30 days, deploy a new digital portal handling high-demand services and support issues. Divert up to 90% of calls to digital, giving your people time to work cases and eliminate backlogs.
Stop the phones ringing

Digitalize workflows

Drag-and-drop creation of digital workflows means cases are processes quickly, efficiently, and consistently. Citizens get reliable results every time. Managers get full visibility of workloads and performance.

The virtuous cycle of automation

With digital workflows in place, it's easy to start your automation journey. Starting with the high-volume workloads, Hornbill makes it easy to automate manual process steps. Simple, codeless integration gives people control of a wide range of actions across your systems. No technical skills required. Each automated task makes time for more automations.
The virtuous cycle of automation
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Our Hornbill journey...

Hornbill has saved us time and effort with simplification and automation of processes.”

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