Automate manual work for a future-ready enterprise

Workflow automation

Workflow Automation
Codeless Automation

Empower people with codeless automation to streamline and elevate your organization

Automate anything—from the biggest cross-enterprise business process to the smallest personal task—with Hornbill's drag-and-drop workflow canvas. Hornbill looks after the routine work, so you can focus on what's next for your business.

How to create an automated workflow in Hornbill

Automate a task almost as fast as it takes to do the task.

  • Create and edit workflows with a drag-and-drop workflow canvas. No coding required.
  • Choose from hundreds of ready-to-use workflow templates covering common business processes—right out of the box. Or for a unique process, start with a blank canvas.
  • Adapting a template to your specific requirements takes just a few minutes.
  • Drag integration actions into your canvas to control external systems from inside the flow of your process.
  • Workflows can be triggered by a customer/employee service portal request, manually inside Hornbill, by another workflow, or automatically by a system event.

Automate work across your whole organization

Enterprise workflows

Enterprise workflows

Create cross-enterprise workflows that operate across multiple teams and systems.

Team workflows

Team workflows

Manage and automate processes that happen within the walls of a single team.

Personal workflows

Personal workflows

Empower individuals to automate the unique elements of their roles.

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Why we love Hornbill…

One of the best features within Hornbill is the drag-and-drop approach to building your business workflows.”

What Hornbill does for you

Mass automation of work by the people who do the work

CXO gains
  • Grassroots automation of workloads transforms productivity across the organization—without direct involvement of IT.
  • Reduction in boring, repetitive work increases employee engagement and retention—reducing recruitment and training costs. Maintain and grow your organizational knowledge pool.
  • Mass automation of routine work clears a path for acceleration of new business initiatives.

Improve business efficiency without direct involvement every time

IT Lead gains
  • DIY work automation improves business efficiency with technology without involvement from IT.
  • No direct cost to IT budget. Cost is accounted for by the business teams using Hornbill to automate work.
  • 100% cloud system. No infrastructure or installs required. Upgrade is automatic. No app management overheads for IT.

Safe path to success. Guided by experts

Separate human work from machine work

Stop losing time on work that's automatable

Enterprise automation requires a fresh perspective on the work that people do. Much of it is boring and repetitive. Thankfully, this is exactly the sort of the work that can be easily automated. Hornbill lets people quickly automate the routine work they do—and spend more time on creative, engaging work that makes a real difference. People spend their time on people work. Work automation does the rest.

Separate human work from machine work

Empower teams and people to automate their own workloads

Democratizing automation for viral adoption

Democratization of automation is about empowering people to automate the routine—by making it easy. Hornbill ships with hundreds of ready-to-use workflows—covering common business processes—which can be adapted to fit their needs in just a few minutes. Or, for your more unique requirements, you can create a new workflow from a blank canvas. It's all drag-and-drop. Anyone can do it.

Break the firefighting loop forever

Automation is a virtuous cycle

Each time someone automates a task, they create more time for further automations. Each one further shifts the balance of work from reactive operations to proactive projects. We're here to support you on your journey through the transformation of work.
Break the firefighting loop forever
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Our Hornbill journey…

Hornbill makes it so easy to adapt workflows to meet business requirements.”