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Hornbill AI automates routine human tasks

Save time on daily tasks with practical AI-driven features that are easy to use. No setup or training required. Get value from day one.

Introducing HAi - our AI driven productivity tools.

HAi is our suite of AI driven solutions, focused on delivering practical solutions that deliver real-world benefits to agents and service managers. Phase 1 is focused on improving agent efficiency, powered by generative AI.
  • Save time - HAi shifts routine work from being a human task to a machine task - so people can focus effort on creative work. 
  • Help people - By automating routine tasks HAi improves productivity, reduces workloads, eliminates stress, and cuts staff churn.

Look for the HAi icon in the Hornbill platform to access AI-driven tools to help you get more done.

Next on our roadmap we'll be focusing on agent deflection - how AI can be harnessed to take over interactions and tasks that were previously performed by agents.

Contact us to find out more: hello@hornbill.com 

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Hornbill creates capacity so our team can focus on more added value work which contributes to strategic objectives.”


Customer - Service Portal

Service management AI you can use today


AI assisted agents

Close tickets faster with instant access to a range of how-to solutions for common issues.


AI generated knowledge

Create non-technical content in seconds, empowering users to self-solve issues instead of calling in.


Enhanced content

Automatically create and edit content anywhere in Hornbill. Save time across documentation, curation and communication.

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Why Hornbill…

Hornbill saved us hundreds of thousands of pounds a year in efficiency improvements.”

Hornbill AI features

Automatic creation and modification of text content


Improve text content across Hornbill with automatic generation, checking, shortening, listifying, and tone changes. Available anywhere you can post text or comments.


  • Ask HAi – Get step-by-step solutions to common issues.
  • Change tone – Choose from 4 different tone options to apply to content.
  • Improve text – Better grammar and clarity improves communication.
  • Shorter text – Save time for people consuming and reviewing text content.
  • Listify – Turn text blocks into step-by-step lists to accelerate outcomes.

Create a new knowledge article from a simple prompt


Agents and Knowledge Managers can create simple step-by-step how-to guides to cover common issues. Save time creating and finding knowledge.


  • Automatically create and transform knowledge articles to grow and improve your knowledge base.
  • Create an article to solve a common issue in seconds.
  • Change the tone of new and existing knowledge content to suit different audiences.
  • Shorten and listify articles to make them more efficient – save time when knowledge is consumed.
  • Create technical knowledge articles for agent use and non-technical articles for end users.
  • Create a knowledge article directly from an existing request timeline post.

Automatically generate user-friendly how-to guides from ticket records


Presents a resolution in a non-technical tone for service consumers to self-solve.

  • Automatically generate a user-friendly how-to article from a post in a ticket timeline.
  • Or simply paste a block of text into the Incident Resolution box and click Suggest Resolution to generate user-friendly content.
  • Save time writing user-friendly how-to content.
  • Empower end users to self-solve more issues - reducing inbound calls.

Summarize a request/ticket at the click of a button.


Auto-generates a summary of a record for quick handover to another agent, team or manager. One less task for your agents.

  • One-click summarization of ticket details and actions.
  • Clear summary enables rapid handover.
  • Can be used on service request, incident, problem and change records.
  • Allows editing before saving.

Powerful AI made simple

One-click activation

We give you the choice when you start using Hornbill's new AI features. Simply activate each feature with a single click to make it available to Hornbill users. No data wrangling/cleaning or ML model training required. 

Look for the HAi icon

HAi features are embedded in Hornbill Service Manager - so they're right there when you need them. HAI features will help you with a wide range of tasks. Simply click the HAi icon wherever you see it to find out which features can help you work faster.

Content at the click of a button

At the click of a button, powerful generative AI will create what you need (or adapt what you've asked it to edit). You're in control: simply review the content and click to use it - or make your own edits. HAi saves you time on any task that involves content.

Hornbill AI Lab

Our AI Lab is distinct from our main development team. It is 100% focused on building new AI-powered functionality - with no technical debt, refactoring, bug fixes, or patches to distract from innovation. The AI Lab team's mission is to inject AI power into every aspect of Hornbill to transform service experiences and service operations.

Got a question?

Using AI to accelerate service management is easier than you think. Chat with a solutions expert today to find out how our practical, easy-to-use AI features work.