Enterprise knowledge management

Get more done with instant access to the right know-how

Enterprise knowledge management
Enterprise knowledge management

Stop wasting time finding answers to questions your organization already knows

Hornbill makes it easy to capture and share organizational know-how. Our context-aware technology puts the right information in front of people—when and where they need it. No search required.

Expand your enterprise knowledge ecosystem

  • Capture and share knowledge across IT, Facilities, HR, Finance, Legal, Marketing, or any other team.
  • Stop wasting time "reinventing the wheel". Solve more issues faster for customers and employees.
  • Reduce stress caused by complexity. Focus energy on new problems, not old problems.
  • Boost case handling speed to kill your work queues and shift focus to new projects.

Enterprise knowledge management made easy

Capture knowledge where it's created

Capture knowledge where it's created

Make knowledge capture part of the process—so your knowledge base grows quickly and organically.

Push it to where it's needed

Push it to where it's needed

Contextual awareness means people automatically get the information they need—without searching for it.

Actively curate knowledge

Actively curate knowledge

Report on what knowledge is being use, by whom, and how effectively—so you can act to gain even more value.

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Why we love Hornbill…

Knowledge isn't locked in someone's head. It's recorded and used to guide people toward getting jobs done quickly and efficiently.”


What enterprise knowledge management does for you

Boost knowledge flow to drive productivity

CXO gains
  • How-to knowledge is the key to getting work done. The more organizational knowledge you can capture and share, the more work your people can get done, fast.
  • Open knowledge sharing reduces operational costs and makes more time for business transformation projects.
  • Ready access to useful knowledge helps people on their path to mastery—making them more engaged at work and more likely to stay.

Find and fix issues and problems faster

Service Manager gains
  • Capture and reuse proven steps for diagnosis and resolution of issues
  • Reduce time and money spent on repeat issues
  • Focus more energy on transformation projects
  • Empower service users with relevant self-service knowledge to reduce inbound calls

Kill your work queues faster

Service Desk Manager gains
  • Drastically reduce resolution times with relevant how-to knowledge presented automatically to analysts—right in the ticket record.
  • Increase call resolution rate. Reduce call backlogs. Reduce agent stress.
  • New knowledge is captured at the point of creation, driving organic growth of the knowledge base.
  • Simple curation tools make management of the Knowledge Management Database (KMDB) easy.

Safe path to success. Guided by experts.

Make knowledge capture part of work itself

Knowledge is best captured when it's fresh. With Hornbill, knowledge capture is integrated into work processes to ensure it's always recorded for sharing.
Make knowledge capture part of work itself

Make it context-aware for relevance

Many knowledge solutions are little more than a standalone database of artefacts. Hornbill automatically connects knowledge artefacts and the contexts in which they were created—enabling automatic push of knowledge to people facing similar problems.

Create a quality feedback loop

Knowledge requires curation. With Hornbill's user feedback features, you know exactly which knowledge artefacts are working (and which aren't)—meaning you can target quality control activities. Knowledge curation needn't be a full time job.
Create a quality feedback loop
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Why we love Hornbill…

Knowledge sharing—internally with colleagues and externally with customers—gives them an opportunity to resolve issues before escalations."

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