• Creating Request Sub-statuses

    While working on an Incident Record you may want to provide a way to describe different scenarios that occur while this incident is open...

    • By Patrick Bolger
    • In Spotlight
    • 2017-11-08 13:34:23

    SPOTLIGHT: Great Ormond Street Hospital - IT Services supporting The Child First and Always

    Greg Fellowes, Service Support Manager at Great Ormond Street Hospital describes his experiences of setting up Hornbill Service Manager and bringing the service desk back in-house to deliver IT services that meet the needs of the hospital.

    • By Gerry Sweeney
    • In Blog Posts
    • 2017-10-30 16:03:39

    Working at 37,000 feet with Hornbill

    My experience using Hornbill Collaboration and Service Manager from 37,000 feet in the air. We know the technology

    Crown Packaging - Modernizing Enterprise IT

    After extensive evaluation of several ITSM tools, Hornbill Service Manager was chosen to modernize enterprise ITSM at Crown Packaging...

    Hornbill iBridge for Linode

    Hornbill's iBridge is a great way to integrate with Linode, a cloud based solution for creating and managing virtual Linux servers...

    • By Gerry Sweeney
    • In Blog Posts
    • 2017-09-17 00:41:41

    Exactly Why do ITSM Vendors Lead with ITIL?

    The problem with niche markets like the ITSM space is there are different parties with different agendas and for the most part they are in direct conflict with each other...

    Using WebHooks for Integration

    Web Hooks are a great way to integrate Hornbill with other applications. Web Hooks can send information to a HTTP Endpoint as soon as a record is created or updated, rather than relying on scheduled imports or the continually polling for data...

    • By Gerry Sweeney
    • In Spotlight
    • 2017-09-08 08:40:13

    SPOTLIGHT: To Microsoft System Center Service Manager and Back Again

    We had quite a few demos of different solutions over a short period and Hornbill stood out as it looked sleek and worked in the cloud MUCH faster than the on-premise solution we were using, the UI layout seemed to make sense straight away, it was intuitive...

    • By Gerry Sweeney
    • In Spotlight
    • 2017-09-07 12:10:53

    SPOTLIGHT: Leica Microsystems Unifies Global Service Management with Hornbill

    Leica had an implementation plan which involved my own team (approximately 30 analysts) piloting the application globally for a month or two before rolling out to our IT teams in Europe, North America and Australia, we then extended that to Japan, China and Korea.

    • By Gerry Sweeney
    • In Spotlight
    • 2017-08-24 13:47:23

    SPOTLIGHT: London Borough of Brent Embraces a Shared Service Culture

    We have worked with the team over at London Borough of Brent for a good number of years now. Back in 2016 they transitioned from an on-premise Supportworks deployment to Hornbill Service Manager in the cloud as their service management solution...


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