• Hornbill Service Manager streamlines support for state-of-the-art Patient Records System

    West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust Service Desk chooses Hornbill Service Manager to support e-Care, a major new patient records system...

    Planned Maintenance Work - UK Primary Data Center

    Planned maintenance work being undertaken on 25th January 2017 to upgrade and expand capacity in our primary UK data cener.

    • By James Ainsworth
    • In Blog Posts
    • 2017-01-16 02:50:18

    Service Level Management

    Service Manager has extended its Service Level Management features to include new Corporate and Service Based SLAs, giving you more options to provide different Service Levels based on conditions such as priority, customer, site, and more...

    Digital Transformation at Aylesbury Vale District Council

    AVDC is a shining example of how modern councils need to operate on the road to financial self-sufficiency...

    Award-winning IT transformation at AVDC

    In this video, I chat with Adam Haylock, Maryvonne Hassall and AVDC CEO, Andrew Grant about their Enterprise Service Management journey...

    Collaborative Service Management sharpens IT performance at Derby College

    Collaborative Service Management introduces new ways for IT teams to communicate, collaborate, and share knowledge and expertise...

    Claims Consortium Group goes live with Hornbill Service Manager

    Claims Consortium Group goes live with Hornbill Service Manager, providing excellent feedback about Hornbill's free 30-day trial and switch-on, and fantastic knowledge transfer.

    Using Task Checklists in a BPM Workflow

    Using Checklists within a task is a great way to manage key aspects of a task that need to be completed...

    Service Manager Integration with a Workspace

    One of the great things about having apps that can be installed on a collaboration platform is the ease of integration between the different features...

    • By Gerry Sweeney
    • In Blog Posts
    • 2016-12-01 16:34:52

    Awesome Font Font Awesome!

    Font Awesome is an Awesome component and at Hornbill we are both a grateful customer and a very proud sponsor of the team over at Font Awesome, we wish them all the very best.


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