Easy to Use Business Collaboration for Individual Teams or the whole Enterprise

Hornbill Collaboration is a powerful destination application that can be used by your teams or your entire organization. The product enables your team to communicate and share information effectively and efficiently on any device, in any location and at any time Read More.


The Hornbill Mobile app available from the Apple App Store on iOS and Google Play on Android is a secure native feature rich app that allows you to use Hornbill to communicate, collaborate, share and get work done on the move. Pretty much every feature of Hornbill Collaboration plus some additional mobile-specific features are available on the mobile app.



Hornbill Collaboration has been specifically built as a business tool and provides the features you need to map into your company’s organizational structure giving you immediate access to co-worker information..



Hornbill works in any language, the user interface is easily translated and switched into any language, each user can choose their own language and the system will help you communicate with co-workers and contacts even if you don’t speak the same language.


Task Management

Tasks in Hornbill allow you to create and schedule activities to be completed, assign tasks to your co-workers, and allow you to schedule and prioritize and plan your activities.



Conversations allow you to chat in real-time with your co-workers. One to one or group chats are both supported and you can post text and rich media content such as images and video.


Workspaces and News Feed

At the very heart of Hornbill is its activity stream collaboration core, using this will be as familiar to you as the social networking sites you are already used to using.



Hornbill’s Collaboration platform provides fully functional shared mailboxes that help you communicate with your customers in a more traditional way – but with a very unique and valuable capability.


Get Up and running in minutes. Free Implementation Services.

We offer a free implementation service called Switch-On which gets you integrated with Single-Sign-on, brings in your users and customer information as well as getting Hornbill applications and business processes configured, getting you up and running the same day with no fuss, no complicated or expensive installs and no need to find budget for consultancy services.