Deliver your projects on time and on budget

Hornbill Project Manager

Hornbill Project Manager

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and Project Management (PM) solutions

Hornbill makes it easy for department heads and project managers to coordinate work, track progress, and deliver on project promises, every time.

Project Management tools anyone can use

  • Project Portfolio Management - Get the big picture with a crystal clear, visual representation of all projects and their statuses—in real time. No need for constant status check-ins.
  • Project Management - Give project managers a simple platform to plan out the broad process, specific tasks, assignments, milestone, and costs. Project actors get clear visibility of what they need to do, and when.
  • Collaborative project management - Every aspect of project management in Hornbill is supported by built-in collaboration tools, improving communication and reducing the number of meetings. Issues and risks can be surfaced and resolved more quickly.
  • Risk management - Stay one step ahead of compliance and impact issues with an in-built risk register. Track risks from the start to ensure no surprises.

Deliver your projects - on time and on budget

Get clear visibility

Get clear visibility

All stakeholders get a role-appropriate view of the project portfolio, individual projects, processes, and tasks.

Keep projects on track

Keep projects on track

Use granular task completion and broad milestone tracking to ensure project progress matches the plan.

Granular cost tracking

Granular cost tracking

Get a clear, real-time view of current cost versus budget.

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Why Hornbill…

All your tasks managed expertly in a single platform.”


What Hornbill Project Manager does for you

Clear view of your organization's portfolio

  • Get complete visibility of projects in flight and their status - with Hornbill's at-a-glance portfolio dashboard.
  • Control visibility: Only project stakeholders and participants can see relevant projects.
  • See all risks across all projects in one place.
  • Project tagging for easy search.

Reduce project management overheads

Project Management Solutions

  • Create and assign tasks with completion dates to give your project a clear execution structure and timeline.
  • Real-time visibility: Project participants can post updates to projects and tasks, so you always know what's happening.
  • Create clear milestones in your project timeline to ensure your project stays on track and delivers on time.
  • Track actual versus budget costs.
  • The "My Projects Tasks" view gives people a complete view of all their projects tasks in one place, without having to drill down into each project.

Track and manage project risks


  • Executives get a company-wide view of project risks.
  • Search, filter and order risks to find the information you need.

Project management made easy

Setup your project structure

Create a project, milestones, and tasks. Creating a new project takes only a few minutes.
Setup your project structure

Assign project tasks

Assign tasks and timescales to drive completion according to your milestones and project delivery timescale.

Track and steer

Track all activity across the project to allow early intervention when timescales slip or risks become issues.
Track and steer
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Why Hornbill...

Give it a try, you won't regret it.”


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