Full visibility and control over hardware, software, and cloud infrastructure

IT asset management software
IT Asset Management
IT Asset Management

Software, hardware, on-premise, and cloud.

Managing IT assets can be complex. The sheer number and variety of devices and apps. Hornbill IT asset management simplifies management of IT assets across the whole lifecycle.

Optimize every aspect of IT asset management

  • Track and manage IT assets across the whole lifecycle.
  • Automated discovery of cloud and on-premise hardware and software assets. No more audits, just fresh, accurate data.
  • Cut operational ITAM workloads in half with workflow automation. Automate routine tasks like application provisioning and patch deployment.
  • Optimize license spend with clear visibility of licenses owned and used. Reduce costs and risk of vendor audit.
  • Simplify vendor audit responses with immediate access to the data you need to prove license compliance.
  • Single data model enables data sharing between ITAM, ITOM, ITSM and security teams.

Enterprise ITAM solutions

Asset lifecycles

Asset lifecycles

From procurement to retirement, Hornbill tracks your hardware, software, cloud and on-premise assets.

ITAM automation

ITAM automation

Streamline and automate ITAM processes with drag-and-drop workflows.

Cost tracking

Cost tracking

Track and report capex and opex costs, including support costs for a complete and accurate picture of ITAM economics.

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Why Hornbill…

Hornbill's asset manager has really helped to ensure all our assets are recorded in one place and we can track hardware from cradle to grave.”


What Hornbill does for you

Strategic management of IT assets

CXO gains
  • Get more value from IT spend.
  • Full visibility of hardware and software assets accelerates change planning and reduces business risk. No blind spots means no nasty surprises.
  • Fully view of the business context of assets means redundant or underused assets can be reclaimed for use elsewhere. Eliminate waste and reduce costs.
  • Rich asset history and cost information provides deep insights for better investment decisions.
  • Automate ITAM tasks to slash operational costs and make time for strategic IT projects.

Avoid license overspend and underspend

Software Asset Manager gains
  • Real time visibility of software licenses in use versus licenses owned—making it easy to ensure compliance while avoiding license overspend.
  • Remote, automated deployment of operating systems and apps.
  • Automate SAM processes to reduce daily workloads and shift focus to strategic projects.
  • Accurate data makes responding to a software audit simple.

Track bare metal and virtualized assets and associated costs

IT Infrastructure Manager gains
  • Automated discovery of on-premise and cloud infrastructure. Make confident decisions based on accurate data.
  • Monitoring and alerting give you real-time visibility of infrastructure health.
  • Self-healing infrastructure automations end firefighting mode and let you focus on strategic infrastructure projects.

Visibility over endpoints and vulnerabilities

IT Security Manager gains
  • See all endpoint devices and their patch status.
  • Automatic patch deployment helps you quickly work through your patch backlog.
  • Central control over endpoint security settings, like USB port locking.
  • Automatic creation of prioritized security incident tickets.

Empower analysts with rich asset information and RCA tools

Service Desk Manager gains
  • Give analysts direct access to rich asset information and real-time status.
  • Centralized control over asset attributes from within Hornbill empowers analysts to fix issues faster.
  • Link incidents to assets to track support costs as a component of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  • Report on the cost of an individual asset.
  • Report on incidents by asset class, manufacturer, and model for insights into cost anomalies.
  • Make recommendations for savings.

Safe path to success. Guided by experts.

Get full, accurate visibility

Great IT asset management is data-driven. Hornbill gives you fresh, accurate asset information—which is the foundation of confident decisions and effective ITAM automation.
Get full, accurate visibility

Automate ITAM processes

Use codeless workflows to automate ITAM activity across the lifecycle of your assets. From app deployment to OS and patch management, ITAM automation does all the heavy lifting.

Push forward with your roadmap

With full visibility of ITAM data and ITAM process performance, you can quickly pinpoint key areas for improvement—driving rapid maturation of your ITAM program. 
Push forward with your roadmap
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Our Hornbill journey…

We can see where our assets are and who has them.”