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Trevor Killick

Trevor Killick
Head of Digital Marketing
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Recent Posts

Hornbill Platform Quarterly Feature Update 2020 Q1 and Q2

We kicked off the first half of 2020 with several exciting new features and functionality across various aspects of the Hornbill Platform. This summary introduces a number of the key ones and a short description of where to go to configure them.

Hornbill Insights 2019 Recap

Last week we had the pleasure of hosting our customers at the annual Hornbill Insights event in London. Previously a one-day event, Hornbill Insights has gone from strength-to-strength, packed with incredible content. In 2019, we decided to extend...

7 Years Later How Has Collaboration Changed Hornbill?

The year was 2012 and at Hornbill, collaborating was pilling into a meeting room with remote workers dialled on a conference phone and knowledge sharing was an internal Wiki server. This was all about to change as first post was made to a new...

INTEGRATION: Sharing Google Drive Files direct from a Workflow

Here at Hornbill, we are passionate about providing easy to use, out of the box integrations with as many providers as possible. We have already provided over 700 integrations which are available to our customers! 

Release Roundup - Customer Feedback

Hornbill is deployed using Continuous Delivery, and this means we typically make multiple incremental releases every week. As well as providing essential fixes, we also release new features as and when they become available. To supplement the more...

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