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Hornbill Quarterly Feature Update 2023 Q1

Trevor Killick -
Hornbill Quarterly Feature Update 2023 Q1

The Hornbill Quarterly Feature Update for Q1 2023 is here! Get ready to discover the latest advancements and improvements to our platform. From enhanced collaboration tools to streamlined workflows, we've got you covered

Service Manager


  • Its now possible to configure a service as either a business service or technical service. 
    Screenshot 2023-03-31 at 11.02.02
  • Relationships between services can be configured; if any dependencies exist, if they are mutual, or if one depends on the other.
  • Service relationships can now be viewed from the Configuration Explorer.Screenshot 2023-03-31 at 11.07.42
  • Service relationships can be leveraged from with a business process:
    • Automatically add related services to a request.
    • Automatically update the availability status of related services to a request.
  • Service Form UI has been refreshedservice_ui-1


  • Two new asset classes have been added, System & Data Processing Record.
  • Audit history functionality has been updated.

Business Process

  • New operation has been added to remove request attachements.
  • New operation has been added to set an approval to pending.

New Integrations:

  • Microsoft Azure Operations to enable the application and removal of licences for user and groups.
  • Oracle Integration Cloud Automation to trigger integration cloud workflows.
  • Octopus Deploy Automate the creation, running and deletion of Environment, lifecycles, Projects, Runbooks, Tenants and Users.
  • Atlassian OpsGenie Operations to Get and Close alerts.
  • RedHat Ansible Operations to manage Hosts, Host Groups, Inventory, Host Files and Playbooks.

Hornbill ESM

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