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Hornbill Quarterly Feature Update 2022 Q4

Trevor Killick -
Hornbill Quarterly Feature Update 2022 Q4

As 2022 rolls closer to a close the development team are still hard at work but we are just going to highlight some of the new features delivered this quarter. 

Service Manager

It is now possible to view a breakdown of time recorded against each asset.

Assets - Breakdown of Time Recorded

New Hornbill Automation event for business processes Entity->Change Requests->Update Request->Details now allows you to automate the updating of all the change request process-specific properties on your request.

File upload is now an available field type when creating custom forms within an Intelligent capture flow. 


Sometimes when creating an Intelligent Capture it is required to end without logging a request, it is now possible to cancel the flow and ent the Intelligent Capture.


When adding a workspace or activity stream post to a board you can now optionally enable updates when the card moves lanes, keeping the original poster or any interested parties updated with the status as the item moves through your board lanes.

Boards - Automation

Sharing a board with a stakeholder outside of hornbill has now been made easier with the Print View, you can print an overview of the board and share it via email as a PDF or handout for a CAB Review meeting.

Boards - Print View-1
When viewing a card that was added from a workspace or activity post you can now see the original post and related comments in the timeline view, this stream lines the workflow and enables easier commenting on the original post and providing all relevant details possible in the single view.

Live Chat

Based on community feedback the team have improved the notification experience for Live Chat agents:

When a new message is received by an agent on a browser tab that is not currently in focus the title on the tab will now display "[NEW] to indicate a new unread message has been received. 


It's now possible to enable desktop notifications for new messages from an existing chat session so in the addition to the [NEW] indicator on the tab you can receive desktop notifications.

Chat - Desktop Notifications

Agents can toggle in-app "Toast" notifications for new messages received from an existing chat session. 

Chat - Toast Notifications

New Integrations:

  • IBM Maximo Operations to Automate the management of incidents, people, problem, service requests, and work orders from Hornbill workflows.
  • Freshstatus. A number of new operations to manage Freshstatus Incident and Schedule Maintenance records.
  • Freshservice - marked the old Freshservice > Create Ticket operation as deprecated. Users of this operation should switch to the new operation at Freshservice > Tickets > Create at your earliest convenience.
  • Azure - updated the Users > Update operations to allow for additional properties to be updated.
  • Hornbill - new operations to retrieve request details, and update request fields, between Hornbill instances.
  • VMware Workspace One Intelligence - Operations to interact with automation workflows. 
  • VMware Cloud Services Platform - Identity and Access Management - Operations to manage CSP users.
  • VMware Workspace One UEM - Operations to manage devices and users.
  • checkmk. A collection of operations to enable the automation management of checkmk alerts, users and hosts from Hornbill workflows.

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