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Hornbill Quarterly Feature Update 2021 Q2

Trevor Killick -
Hornbill Quarterly Feature Update 2021 Q2

As we start to head into spring here are a few of the new features the development teams have released in Q2 2021.

Service Manager

When using the Site Details form in an intelligent capture it is now possible to configure the details displayed on this form, for more information see our wiki.

When sending an email from a request the to field is no longer mandatory if you are BCC or CCing contacts. 

New Hornbill Automated Task Requests -> Suspend -> Wait for Document Suspends the workflow and waits for a document to be added to the request, for more information see our wiki.

When customising the request list you can now add the category as a column, for more information see our wiki.


DKIM support has been added when configuring an email domain, when enabled all outgoing emails on this domain will be signed and inbound messages verified if they contain a DKIM Signature for more information see our wiki.


It is now possible to discover macOS devices and their installed software.

ITOM - Mac Discovery

Project Management

Project Resourcing has been added this allows those users that are allocated the Project Portfolio Manager role to view the workloads and define the capacity of both individual stakeholders and project teams.



  • Microsoft Teams - Reply To Channel - new operation to create replies against Teams channel messages.
  • Esendex. Send one or more SMS messages via the Esendex gateway.
  • Active Directory User Management - Azure AD Connect Sync. New operation to allow the force-synchronise of local AD changes (delta or full) into Azure AD.


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