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Hornbill Quarterly Feature Update 2022 Q2

Trevor Killick -
Hornbill Quarterly Feature Update 2022 Q2

Service Manager

When adding a field to a custom form in Intelligent Capture it's now possible to provide a list of all Organisations, this allows the flow to capture the required organisation for an automation flow later on. 

When an FAQ is marked as the solution to a request a portal link to the FAQ is added to the resolution text, and the accompanying message can be customised using the application string ''.


The asset action tab on a request details page now has the option to link all assets to the request, this allows an analyst to quickly associate all the Used by or Shared With assets to a request in one action. 

The change schedule can now be viewed in the sidebar when viewing a change or release request. 


FAQ's presented in the customer and employee portal can now be sorted.


FAQ - Sorting



Request sub statuses can now be displayed to your end users in either the customer or employee portal, this is done by enabling one of the following settings guest.customerPortal.showStatusAndSubStatus can be enabled for the Customer Portal and the setting guest.employeePortal.showStatusAndSubStatus can be enabled for the Employee Portal.


  • When editing a card you can now change the date it entered a
     given lane.
  • When opening a board you do not have access to it's now possible to request access to the board from the board owner.
  • Added the ability to view each lane at a time.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for adding a card (Alt + C) and collapsing a lane (Alt + <)


User account templates now support group membership, this allows you to define default group memberships for new accounts being created from templates such as Single Sign-on auto-provisioning. 


External authoriser nodes within a business process can now have the from field set so that the message comes from a corporate email address instead of the default outbound address for your instance.  

Hornbill Automation task 'Get Contact' was added to retrieve a contact's details by id or login id.

Hornbill Automation Task 'Manage Contact-> Set Portal Login Credentials' added to allow the creation of portal credentials within an automation flow, this allows you to create a contact and provision access to a portal within an automation flow.


A high-contrast theme has been added as part of our ongoing accessibility efforts. 

High Contrast


  • ITOM Functionality is now searchable from the new Admin Search.
  • Added support to collected installed software from FreeBSD Systems.


  • Azure - New operation to search and retrieve details about a user object from a given email address
  • Google Workspace 
    • A selection of operations to help manage Chrome OS devices enrolled against a Chrome Enterprise subscription
    • Operations to automate group administration in Google Workspace. 
    • Operations to automate user administration in Google Workspace. 

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