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Hornbill Quarterly Feature Update 2022 Q1

Trevor Killick -
Hornbill Quarterly Feature Update 2022 Q1

The team kicked off development for 2022 with the release of our refreshed administration interface, its been moved inside the core product and no longer requires leaving the core product to perform configuration tasks. The new interface includes a refreshed UI, Solution Center with an overview of our available integrations, a new and much-improved search experience and an overview of our Roadmap which can be viewed within the Solution Center. 



New Hornbill Automated Task ChangeRequests -> Get Information- > Change Request Details to return the details of a change request.


Lanes can now be configured to hide cards that have been in a lane for a cerin period of time, this allows you to hide old cards from your done Kanban lane after a certain amount of time and not have an endless list or deleting the cards.

Lanes can now be configured to display the time that cards were added to that lane on the card.

Boards - Time added

Boards can now have tags associated with them and these tags can be applied to cards, the board view can then be filtered by tag.

Boards - Tags

Supplier Management

Clicking on a supplier tag in the supplier catalogue now shows all suppliers with the same tag.




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