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Hornbill Quarterly Feature Update 2021 Q4

Trevor Killick -
Hornbill Quarterly Feature Update 2021 Q4

Service Manager

You can now configure a prefix for asset types so that the generated ID for all assets of a given type would contain a defined prefix. More details on our wiki.

Sites associated with requests can now be referenced in email templates.

New Hornbill Automated Task node Requests -> Authorisation Decision -> Clear which clears the approval outcome on a request. More details on our wiki.

You can now filter snippets when managing them.


Single Sign-on configurations now support Auto Updates of Certificates. More details on our wiki


You can now resume a process that is suspended while waiting for email authorisation, this is useful for when you need to change an authoriser due to availability and move the process forward. 

You can now copy decision and branch nodes between workflows.

Live Chat

The new chat popup has been updated so it's more obvious a new chat session has been started.

Project Management

It's now possible to filter programme projects by project sub-status in the projects overview view on a programme

Supplier Management

You can now add notes to supplier contracts. 

Timesheet Management

You can now record time against organisations.


  • Exchange Server. Additional operations for the management of on-premise Exchange Server mailboxes.
  • intY Cascade. Automation to update an organisation subscription.
  • Jira Cloud - Get Issue operation, that returns details of a Jira Issue.
  • Jira (on-premise) - Get Issue operation, that returns details of a Jira Issue.
  • Microsoft Teams - Chat. Create and send messages over private, one-to-one chats in teams.

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