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Hornbill Quarterly Feature Update 2022 Q3

Trevor Killick -
Hornbill Quarterly Feature Update 2022 Q3

Here are a few of the new features the development teams have released in Q3 2022.


It is now possible to enable two-factor authentication for any type of user logging into hornbill, for more details see the hornbill wiki.



As Microsoft start to deprecate support for basic authentication for email services we have added the ability to set up domain mail connectors with both Microsoft 365 and Google Mail oAuth. 


It is now possible to create manual collections for boards allowing boards to be grouped into multiple collections. 

Boards - Collections



ITOM Jobs now have a priority that directly impacts the order in the processing queue, urgent jobs execute immediately even when all available SIS services are at maximum capacity and idle jobs will only execute when there are spare none priority jobs within the queue. You can reserve queue capacity from none idle jobs so that scheduled jobs continue to run by using the itom.reservedNonIdleCapacity setting to define how many "slots" to leave free to process scheduled jobs while still processing background idle jobs.

You can now define smart lists within ITOM Inventory, this allows dynamic lists to be created filtering on device hardware properties or even installed software.



Supplier contracts now can have sub-statuses, a simple list of sub-statuses is pre-delivered and you can configure which sub-statuses are available for any given status of a contact. 


  1. Microsoft Azure. New operation to check if a user or group object is a member of a group.
  2. FireText. Manage your FireText contacts and groups, and send SMS messages via the FireText SMS gateway.
  3. Azure Automation. Create new jobs and retrieve details about existing jobs from your Azure Automation accounts. 
  4. FastField Forms. Operations to enable the dispatch of forms, and the management of users. 

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