• A Customer's Perspective of Hornbill Service Manager

    Hornbill Service Manager simplifies modern ITSM with a fresh approach that blends ITSM best practice with innovative collaborative technologies to enable optimized service delivery.

    Hornbill Service Manager combines two decades of experience in ITSM with innovative technology and powerful Business Process Automation and task orchestration capabilities. This delivers a fresh approach to Incident, Problem Change, Request Fulfilment, Service Level Management, Configuration and Knowledge Management, alongside the request fulfilment requirements on non-IT teams.

    “Hornbill has an exceptionally innovative approach to deployment and implementation of the tool. With features that are more likely to be associated with disruptors in the consumer marketplace, such as contractless implementation and a fixed-price-for-life, combined with a new collaboration approach, Hornbill has cleverly turned traditional ITSM functionality on its head with a social themed interface.”

    Ollie O’Donoghue, Industry Analyst at the Service Desk Institute


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