Stop Fearing Automation, Start Driving IT

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Podcast Series: Stop fearing Automation, start driving IT

A couple of weeks ago, we caught up with Marc Littlefair, IT Services Manager at BTG Plc, to follow up on the excellent session he delivered at our customer conference INSIGHTS19.

Marc’s team are saving thousands of hours each year, by automating low-value interactions that IT no longer needs to touch. The key take-away from Marc's session was, "If you keep being swamped by work you shouldn't be doing, you'll never have capacity for more valuable work."

Listen to our podcast where Marc joins our Chief Evangelist Pat Bolger to discuss the key topics that matter in service management innovation.

  • 7:40 - Automation should not only be focused on removing repetitive tasks that IT staff shouldn't be doing, it also needs to add business value that is visible to employees.
  • 22:30 - How modern SaaS tools are now truly delivering the 'as a Service' concept, with CI/CD eliminating the need for testing, upgrades and all the pains typically associated with keeping software up to date.
  • 24:30 - Marc also shares his thoughts on the value of a CMDB in a modern IT environment.
  • 33:40 - Finishing with a detailed discussion around the main challenges that prevent IT Automation from happening.

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