ITs Path out of Covid

Keynote Presentation
400 DAYS LATER ITs Path out of Covid

400 Days Later: ITs Path out of Covid

Speakers: Patrick Bolger - Chief Evangelist, Hornbill

A year ago, our industry address The Path Out of Covid set out the blueprint for IT leaders to navigate their organisations through the maelstrom.

400 days into the journey our Chief Evangelist Patrick Bolger will present a live deep dive into the market’s reaction to the pandemic and exposes the different routes IT leaders have taken.

Using more than 5 billion data points this is by far the most detailed analysis in ITSM’s history. We stand at a true pivot point in the industry as the pandemic has exposed weaknesses in legacy technology stacks, chronic underinvestment and IT focused on transactional efficiency.

With IT outsourcing growing at 60% per quarter and more than 40% of board directors believing IT can be outsourced the need for IT leaders to step up and deliver transformation has never been greater.

The lessons are compelling from those IT leaders who got the journey right and those who got it badly wrong. They are there to be embraced.

Replay and join Patrick for the live stream of the most important industry address of the year for IT.

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