• Powerful Collaborative Document Management and Sharing Solution

    Hornbill Document Manager is an intuitive solution that enables you to easily create, manage and share documents with your co-workers, customers and suppliers. It eliminates the time and effort wasted on duplicate documents and multiple versions that languish in network shares and personal email folders. Document Manager introduces a best-practice approach, supported by full lifecycle management, which ensures that valuable documents are owned, managed and properly maintained.

    Document Manager

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    Create and upload documents

    Create native documents in your Browser using Hornbill’s document editor and intuitive WYSISYG interface, or upload documents created using Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, or stand-alone documents such as PDFs.

    Share and collaborate

    Share documents with your co-workers and assign permissions to enable others to view and edit your documents, safe in the knowledge that there are no duplicates and everyone is collaborating on the same version.

    Version control

    Enable version tracking to record every change to the document and maintain a full audit trail, history and copies of previous versions within in the document’s activity stream.

    Document lifecycle management

    Manage the status of documents with lifecycle information and scheduled review dates to ensure that active documents remain relevant and up-to-date.

    Document Libraries

    Store and organise your documents into logical categories using Libraries. Share libraries and enable co-workers to upload their documents and collaborate with others.

    Self-organizing Collections

    Eliminate the need for network shares and folder structures that are difficult to navigate by using metadata and tags to automatically organize your documents into Collections.

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    Documents are important to every business and despite the vast amount of time and effort that is spent on their creation; these important assets are often poorly managed. Documents are created, stored in local folders or network shares and shared via email, resulting in duplication, lost or orphaned documents and substantial time wasted searching for correct versions. Hornbill Document Manager eliminates duplicate documents and removes the need for network shares and complicated folder structures. Simply tag documents with metadata and Hornbill Document Manager will automatically organize them into Collections, making documents instantly accessible and easy to find.


    Running on the Hornbill Collaboration Platform, the Hornbill Document Manager App automatically benefits from powerful and innovative features for enterprise collaboration. Every document is assigned its own activity stream with a running timeline of activities, information and ideas exchanged throughout the entire lifecycle of the document. As people collaborate, co-edit and add comments, the document’s activity stream is updated and stakeholders are automatically notified.

    Version Control

    One of the most powerful aspects of document management is the ability to automate the tracking of document revisions and history. This is helpful when reviewing documentation and essential in environments where documents are used for governance, security and regulatory compliance. Hornbill Document Manager provides the option to track version information, which enforces the tracking and recording of every change within the document’s activity stream. This automatically provides a full audit trail of document history and copies of all previous versions throughout the document’s life cycle.


    Although email is a popular channel for sharing documents, it usually leads to orphaned files, duplicate versions and an inability to maintain control. Instead of making copies of documents when distributing, Document Manager introduces the idea of document sharing. Only one copy of a document ever exists and it is simply shared with other users, groups or customers. Each person gets a pointer to the document, along with specific permissions enabling them to view, edit, or modify document metadata. This model means that duplicates do not exist, document ownership is maintained and people can easily collaborate in the creation and review process.


    Available for iOS and Android devices, the Hornbill App allows people to collaborate and keep business processes flowing when they are on the move. With the Hornbill App, you don’t have to wait for people to have access to their computer, because all of their documents and those that have been shared with them are right in the palm of their hand.


    Hornbill Document Manager is a free App, which is available to any user of the Hornbill Collaboration solution. Simply install from the Hornbill App store and start using its powerful features to save time and improve document management within your organization.

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