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Hornbill is the place where people get work done

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Hornbill is the place where people get work done

Hornbill makes communicating and sharing information effortless and enjoyable for everyone, creating a community at work, where people collaborate and share, all while getting day-to-day work done.

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Conversations are Organized and Effective

Hornbill encourages the sharing of knowledge; organize conversations into groups, topics, teams, departments, and workspaces. People communicate naturally, organically, intuitively

Find answers instantly

Conversations are organized, indexed and fully searchable, ensuring your organization's tacit knowledge is captured and retained, and always available, your knowledge stays, even when your people move on.

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Break Away from Email

Move your internal conversations from email to somewhere you can share and collaborate, build trust and transparency and a working environment that makes family-like relationships.

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What our customers say

I think my biggest personal success with Hornbill is to be able to standardise processes globally for both the customer and the support teams.

Keith Bage, Global Applications Support Manager

Leica Microsystems

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