Business Continuity: The Pathway to a New Normal

It is clear that whatever form the post-Covid world takes, IT departments will be crucial to facilitate the technological transformations that will allow businesses to begin down the pathway to a new normal. This resource hub is designed to provide insight into the stages of this journey, and equip IT departments with the tools and knowledge they will need to bring their business into the post-Covid era.

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Escape your Firefighting Loop

Despite significant progress and innovation within the ITSM tools market, firefighting remains a serious issue for most service delivery teams, and has only been exacerbated by Covid-19. A mountain of constant, repetitive, low-value interactions takes its toll on service desk staff, and in turn on the level of service that is delivered to the business. Find out how to break your service desk out of the firefighting loop by reading below.

Remote Working

Before Covid-19, remote working accounted for only a small portion of employees, however in the post-Covid world this is estimated to increase to roughly 30% of an organization’s workforce. Such a substantial transformation to the way people work has the potential to be fraught with difficulties and frustrations, but it doesn’t have to be. Find out how you can smooth the transition to remote working in your organization by reading our guides below.


Despite rapid technological innovation, people and their knowledge remain the key component in any organization. Implementing collaborative practices can dramatically transform an organization or team’s performance, improving staff retention, driving productivity, and assisting knowledge capture. Discover how collaboration can aid your organization’s transition to a new normal by reading the articles below.