Hornbill Embraces Net Zero Carbon Target


The pandemic was a galvanizing catalyst that provided us with the opportunity to accelerate the progress we have made in our Corporate Social Responsibility Program as we embrace our own mantra: <ctrl> <alt> <reimagine>.

We have stepped up and committed to a Carbon Zero target by 2050 and we are well on the way to achieving this. In 2020, we reduced our carbon footprint by 15.7 tonnes and reduced our energy consumption by 15,000 kWh.

From the start of 2021 every one of our new clients are hosted in data centres powered 100% Green Energy employing the latest in power efficiency technologies, so each year just like a Tesla they will become even more energy-efficient.

We have been rigorous at calculating the carbon footprint for our Enterprise Clients and under a peak load, each client would equate to a maximum of 80.4kg CO2e or 345 kWhs annually. This equates to 1 wind turbine running for 0.824 of 1 Day.

Hornbill supports initiatives in our own community, which has widened as we shifted to digital and remote working. At a national level, Hornbill is a corporate sponsor of the RSPB, supporting their valuable works with habitat and endangered species.

Through our community outreach, we have donated multiple training suites of IT equipment to local schools in Greater London, which focus on careers in STEM, and fostered pathways for social mobility to more than 850 pupils in 2020.

Team Hornbill are actively involved in their communities through a range of charity and sporting events, including football, rugby, swimming, and triathlon. In 2020 and 2021, our team fostered sporting talent to national levels in swimming, with athletes qualifying for Scottish, British, and European competitions.

In addition to offering employee benefits such as medical cover, in 2020 we enabled access to in-office medical screening with private clinicians. When the pandemic hit, we shifted to remote working and put dedicated digital environments (‘virtual kitchen’) in place, with video conferencing and a ‘social distancing’ workspace to maintain office humour and interpersonal relationships. Several digital events were held to maintain staff morale.

On Glassdoor, our employee brand has a 4.7/5 rating. 96% would recommend the business, and a 96% approval rating of our CEO, showcases our brand to prospective talent and underlines the positive culture of the business.

Read more about how we're helping our community, being a good corporate citizen, and supporting our staff in our first Corporate Sustainability report.

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