CDW partners with Hornbill to Expand its Enterprise Service Management Solutions


Hornbill, a leading Enterprise Service Management (ESM) technology and solutions provider, today announced a new strategic partnership with CDW, a Fortune 500 technology solutions and services company. This partnership equips CDW with a leading ESM platform to offer their customer base. Hornbill’s codeless ESM solution will empower CDW customers to quickly modernize and automate service operations across every part of the organization.

As digital transformation extends its reach, businesses around the globe are looking to reinvent the way they provide services to their customers and employees. Organisations today want to supplement one-to-one interactions with always-on and cost-effective digital channels. They want to replace inefficient manual work with simple workflow automation, and they want to put this technology into the hands of everyone in the organization who is responsible for delivering a service: IT, HR, Facilities, Finance, Customer Service, Legal, Marketing, and more.

The transformative power of enterprise service automation goes beyond simple cost reduction. Automation means instant, high-quality delivery for customers—driving an immediate boost in satisfaction. It also changes the shape of the working day for teams that provide services to employees and customers. When automation frees people from routine work, they can pursue the organization’s mission more energetically, making them more productive and engaged. This has a profound impact on an organization, its employees, and its customers. The more people who have access to codeless ESM tools, the more widely the organization can benefit from digitalization of service and automation of work. With Hornbill, organizations can apply an “automate everything” strategy to getting work done, moving from an operational focus towards business and service innovation.

"Our strategic partnership with CDW will drive new value for CDW’s customers and a new wave of growth for Hornbill," says Gerry Sweeney, CEO at Hornbill. "We are excited to be partnering with CDW and their customers. Our powerful automation engine, driven by codeless workflows that anyone can create, puts us in the right place to deliver rapid value for customers who want to move fast. We’re taking ESM to the next level with more fantastic innovations that will make life easier for service providers across IT, HR, Facilities, Customer Service and others."


The benefits of this new partnership include:

  • An expansion of the transformational benefits of Enterprise Service Management to more customers across the globe: empowering every business team that provides services (internally or externally) with digital customer interaction and automated service delivery.
  • CDW customers will benefit from a leading enterprise service management platform, implemented by a leading global tech provider. CDW is trusted by enterprise customers worldwide. Adding Hornbill ESM to their technology and service offerings extends the value they can deliver to current and future customers.
  • Rapid growth of the Hornbill customer base is accelerating the evolution of Hornbill’s solution. More features, more ready-to-use integrations, and more services to cover a broader range of ESM requirements—to benefit all 

"Automation and digital transformation of the service experience lets organizations do so much more, while simultaneously enhancing customer and employee satisfaction," says Penny Williams, UK Vice President of Sales at CDW. "Hornbill’s Enterprise Service Management solution allows our customers to connect their service delivery and support functions, quickly apply an ‘automate everything’ approach, and accelerate digital enablement across the entire organization. Hornbill’s flexibility effortlessly covers so many use cases."


About Hornbill:

Hornbill automates the transaction and delivery of services to employees and customers—in one cloud solution. The Hornbill automation engine is the most advanced codeless workflow tool in the market, but simple enough for anybody in your organization to automate service delivery work in just a few minutes. Easy to implement and use, Hornbill starts automating on day one—driving an immediate shift in focus from daily operations to growth and innovation. Unburdened by routine work, people are free to focus on the projects and innovations that matter to customers. For more information about Hornbill, visit


About CDW:

CDW Corporation (Nasdaq: CDW) is a leading multi-brand provider of information technology solutions to business, government, education, and healthcare customers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. A Fortune 500 company and member of the S&P 500 Index, CDW was founded in 1984 and employs approximately 14,000 coworkers. For the trailing twelve months ended March 31, 2022, the company generated Net sales of approximately $22 billion. For more information about CDW, please visit


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