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Logiq - Hornbill drives better business decisions

Patrick Bolger -
Logiq - Hornbill drives better business decisions

News that your product champion is leaving a customer organization is always a blow to a vendor, especially when that person has pushed the capabilities of the tool to deliver incredible value to their business. However, the news that they want to champion your tool again, in a new role, is heart-warming.

At a time when the question “Would you recommend?” has never been more important, this is the best form of advocacy. It validates the trust that has been built by achieving great things together and provides the opportunity to do it all again.

I was delighted to catch up with Andy Gilbert again. He led an incredibly successful team at Wessex Water, who achieved so much through automation and integration, and I was excited to hear about his plans in his new role at Logiq Consulting.

  • Can you give me a brief background of who you are and what your role is at Logiq?
    My name is Andy Gilbert. I am now relatively new to the role, of Service Management Lead at Logiq. I oversee service operations, which covers support & security, and service management functions.

  • Which Service Desk tool was in place at Logiq before you deployed Hornbill Service Manager?
    When I joined, the company was using Deskpro.

  • What were the business drivers and reasons for implementing a new solution?
    Logiq is growing quite quickly, and we needed a new solution to support the organizational goals of maturing our service management framework and enhancing our customer self-service experience. We wanted a solution that would enable us to make better business decisions through improved management information, which will drive the effectiveness of our continual improvement.

  • What was your first impression of Hornbill Service Manager?
    I had used Hornbill in my previous role. I loved the ease and speed of the progressive capture, and the functionality it provides to easily allow administrators to design business processes.

  • What other solutions did you consider/shortlist before choosing Hornbill Service Manager? 
    The honest answer is we didn’t. I used Hornbill before and knew that its’ capabilities were a great match for our desired outcomes. I presented some options and costs for alternative solutions, but I recommended Hornbill as the fastest route to get things done, and the business was happy to let me get on with it.

  • What was your impression of Hornbill during the selection process?
    Both in this role, and the last, I found Hornbill’s Pre-Sales experience to be simple, honest, and collaborative.

  • What would you consider your biggest personal success coming out of the project?
    I needed to stand up the solution quickly, so I think the speed at which we were able to transition our IT service offering to Hornbill was the biggest personal success.

  • Since you went live with Hornbill Service Manager, how has it gone?
    It has gone well. We already have our first month of full performance reporting, which is great. And very quickly, we started to implement Enterprise Service Management, which allows our IT and Security Management teams to collaborate on requests

  • Can you highlight three things that you love about Hornbill?
    The biggest thing for me is the ease of designing and building business processes.
    The scope for automation and integration is great. We have started to automate the generation of configuration items through the Intune integration.
    The relationship is equally, if not more important than the product. Interacting with Hornbill is a positive experience, as I always get the right help, at the right time.

  • If you had a magic wand, what is the one thing you would change about Hornbill right now?
    In my last role, I had access to Hornbill ITOM, but it is not a product that I need in my current environment. It would be great to have another scheduling engine within Hornbill, as there are other IT activities that would benefit from auto-generated requests.

During our call, Andy mentioned that he needed a new integration to help with automating the provisioning of customer environments. I spoke with one of our developers, who bowled me over by delivering the integration the same day. Knowing Andy, I suspect it’s already deployed and working. It has been a pleasure to work with such innovative and progressive service management professionals. I know Andy will do a fantastic job at Logiq, and I look forward to hearing about his achievements in the coming months.

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