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Introducing HAi – Hornbill’s suite of AI-driven efficiency tools

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Get practical AI tools that service desk agents can use every day - without the need for setup and training.

The AI Opportunity

Automation has always been a big part of the value we give to customers. Automation of workflows (and the tasks that they drive) delivers transformational value. Outcomes are accelerated. Human tasks become machine tasks. Workflow automation has allowed our customers to shift focus from daily operations to transformative projects. 

Workflow automations are great for service delivery. In many cases, end-to-end automation (together with self-service and integration) means services are “hands free”. But in service support there are a variety of tasks that are out of reach of workflow automation. Support situations are varied and complex. They rely on the skills and actions of people. 

The application of AI to service management represents a huge opportunity to raise the bar of what’s automatable – by helping agents and end users with a range of tasks across a range support situations. By applying AI to support work, we can create another mass shift of workload from human to machine. That means even more time to focus on projects and innovations. Less time spent on the work they have to do. More time on the work they want to do. 


What it does

Driven by generative AI, the HAi suite includes a set of features that automate routine tasks that agents do every day – making them more efficient. Ticket timelines are shortened. Customers get back online faster. Response and resolution SLAs are met. Knowledge is created, captured, and curated. 

For the agent, workloads are decreased, backlogs can be eliminated. Stress is reduced. Staff churn rates are cut. The HAi suite makes life easier for support agents. 


1 - Text Assist - AI-driven assistance with content

Save time on every ticket, reduce workload, and accelerate resolution for customers.

Text Assist is a set of features to help you create, format, and improve the text content that agents deal with every day – like resolutions, knowledge articles, and customer emails.  

What it does 

  • Ask HAi – Input a simple prompt to generate a step-by-step solution to an issue. 
  • Change tone – Choose from 4 different tone options to apply to content. 
  • Improve text – Better grammar, spelling and clarity improves communication.
  • Shorter text – Save time for people consuming or reviewing text content. 
  • Listify – Turn blocks of text into step-by-step lists to accelerate outcomes. 

How it works 

Look for the Text Assist menu. It appears at the bottom of every large text field. 


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2 - Knowledge Generator – Create knowledge articles from prompts

Close more tickets faster, increase First Time Fix rate, and boost customer satisfaction.

Quickly create step-by-step guides to cover common issues – empowering agents and end users to self-solve. 

What it does 

  • Automatically create and transform knowledge articles to grow and improve your knowledge base. 
  • Create an article to solve a common issue in seconds. 
  • Change the tone of new and existing knowledge content to suit different technical and non-technical audiences. 
  • Shorten and listify articles to make them more efficient – save time when knowledge is consumed.
  • Create a knowledge article directly from an existing request timeline post.

How it works 

Simply enter a prompt into a blank knowledge article and click Knowledge Generator to generate the article. 

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3 - Suggest resolution

Save time writing presentable how-to content

Automatically generate user-friendly guides from ticket records 

What it does 

  • Generate a user-friendly how-to article from a post in a ticket timeline that includes information on resolution. 
  • Or simply paste a block of text into the Incident Resolution box and click Suggest Resolution to generate user-friendly content. 

How it works 

If you find a post in the ticket timeline that provides a resolution, simply click Suggest Resolution to generate a user-friendly guide in the ticket’s Resolution box.

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4 - Request summarizer

Auto-generates a summary of a record for quick handover to another agent, team, or manager.

Summarize a ticket at the click of a button. 

What it does 

  • One-click summarization of ticket details and actions. 
  • Clear summary enables rapid handover. 
  • Can be used on service request, incident, problem and change records. 
  • Allows editing before saving. 

How it works 

Open a record and click the HAi icon in the Request Summary box to create an up-to-date summary of details and actions.

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AI made easy

HAi uses generative AI to create and edit the types of content that agents use every day – ticket resolutions, knowledge articles, emails to customers, and more. The way AI works is complex, but we’ve hidden all the complexity so it’s easy for you to use. Everything is intuitive. No training required. And all features are available to use right away. Simply activate each feature with a single click. 

As we move forward with our roadmap for AI, we are working to ensure all our HAi technology is easy to adopt and use. Machine Learning models are being developed to create AI-driven features that learn from your own operational data. These will be complemented with tools to streamline the data preparation process that is a necessary step before ML model training can begin. Tools to assess readiness for AI. Tools to clean and prepare data. Tools to simplify ML training. We know that adoption is the key to value, and simplicity is the key to adoption – so we are committed to presenting AI-driven service management technology in a way that is easy for you to adopt.


New Hornbill AI Lab

We’re committed to pushing the boundaries of AI in service management, which is why we’ve created the Hornbill AI Lab. Our AI Lab is distinct from our main development team. It is 100% focused on building new AI-powered functionality - with no technical debt, refactoring, bug fixes, or patches to distract from innovation. The AI Lab team's mission is to inject AI power into every aspect of Hornbill to help you transform service experiences and service operations. 

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