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COVID-19: How has IT responded?

Patrick Bolger -
COVID-19: How has IT responded?

Last week, I wrote an article for ITSM.Tools and voiced my opinion on how COVID-19 might impact the future of ITSM. I received lots of comments about the article, including a couple from customers on LinkedIn.

When I responded to these comments, I noticed some posts from their customers, praising the herculean efforts of their IT teams to get everyone working from home.

Although frontline staff in healthcare, transport, retail, public services and other critical roles are bravely putting themselves in the line of fire, behind them, and army of IT professionals is performing miracles to keep technology working, so services and business can continue to operate.

It was heartwarming to read comments on social channels, praising the extraordinary work and impressive results that IT teams have achieved in such a short space of time. Over the last 2-3 weeks, digital transformation and IT resilience has leapt forward by a decade.

I had a brief chat with Nick Brailsford, IT Operations Manager at South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive, about his experiences over the last few weeks. In this video, we discuss the challenges that IT faced, and our thoughts about the on-going effect of COVID-19 on the future of work.

I also shared the experience of Hornbill's seamless transition to remote working, which you can read more about in our latest Smart Guide: Creating effective Collaboration in the remote working organization.

Enjoy the video and watch this space for more content, as I catch up with the experiences of other customers. Our industry has never been more visible, and in most cases, IT is shining. Well done've got this.



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