About the app

About the app

Timesheet Manager is a utility application that enables each co-worker to track time against activities, report on time and utilization. Timesheet Manager integrates with other applications on the Hornbill platform to provide easy start/stop time recording, linking time spent back to specific application areas where work is getting done.

Activities can be categorized to enable the visual breakdown of where time is being spent and on what activities. Timesheet Manager integrates with Project Manager to extend the support of time tracking within projects.

Key features

Expore all the great features that will improve the way you work.

  • Agile Working

    Bring a collaborative and effective way of working into your workplace.

  • Visual Drag and Drop Management of Work

    Simple interface which is easy to use.

  • Pre-integrated with Hornbill Apps and Platform features

    This app is already

  • Sharing

    Share boards with co-workers or teams to share ideas.

  • Collaboration

    Make working with your team simple.

  • Customizable

    Tailor the app to your organisations needs.

  • Visual Work Assignment

    Share document and upload for team members to see.

  • Attach Documents and Files

    Share document and upload for team members to see.

  • Track Timelines, History and Progress

    Make sure your projects are on budget.