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Hornbill for IT

An innovative approach to ITSM Best Practice

Drawing on twenty years experience delivering IT Service Management solutions Hornbill has combined modern collaborative and consumer technology with traditional best practice to deliver an innovative user-friendly solution. Service Manager, Hornbill’s next-generation ITSM application, provides a fresh approach, making it easy to adopt and deploy best practice. Hornbills unique collaborative approach helps you to unlocks tacit knowledge enabling your teams and experts to better communicate and share knowledge and ideas making it easier resolve issues and solve problems increasing engagement and customer satisfaction.

Simple, efficient service desk solution that’s fun to use

Your service desk isn’t just software. It’s where agents meet users; where people meet technology. Hornbill Service Manager gives your team access to a service desk that is as intuitive and easy to use as the personal tools they already love. Like those tools, Service Manager works the same way that people do. By harnessing familiar ‘social’ concepts, the user interface lets users become more productive instantly.

Powerful Business Process Automation and Task Orchestration

Processes are key to the success of any Service Delivery operation. The ability to quickly and easily configure complex operational processes and to automate and streamline these processes can make all the difference. We have created a powerful yet easy to used business process engine which is designed to ensure that the complexity involved in typical business processes is largely invisible to your end users and the people carrying out those processes. Our unique task-orientated workflow orchestration drives both manual and automated tasks, streamlining the process of getting work done and we provide a range of ITIL compatible processes for Incident, Problem, Change management and more out of the box to get you started quickly.

Support in Any language - Extensive Translation Capabilities

Todays businesses operate on a global stage, often servicing employees and or customers across multiple geographies. This introduces a set of specific challenges when it comes to languages and the ability to communicate effectively. Hornbill overcomes these language barriers with a user interface and conversations available in the language of your choice. Simply type what you want to say and our software provides an instant in line translation. Now you have the possibility of real-time conversations between people without a common language, you can put together the best team for a project regardless of nationality and location

Mobile ITSM – Anytime, Anywhere Capabilities

Consumer apps have raised the level of expectation in regards to being able to get things done from anywhere. Hornbill is built with this in mind and our collaborative and ITSM capabilities extend into the Hornbill Mobile Apps allowing you to interact with colleagues, manage requests and drive business processes forward. On-the-go collaboration means you get notified and can take action wherever you are. View, update, reassign and authorize your requests and activities, ask questions, and engage with your colleagues from your mobile device, wherever you are, anytime – and in any language.

Self-Service: Provide Your End-Users With Easy Access To Services, Help And Knowledge

Powered by the Hornbill Service Catalog, the Hornbill Self Service presents your employees or customers with a tailored experience, based on their individual or group subscriptions. This all means that when accessing the Self Service your customers are presented specifically with the items, information and knowledge that are relevant to them and no more, simplifying the experience and making Self Service a resource that they will want to use over and over. With Hornbill you can deliver your customers a flexible, highly visual consumer experience designed to meet their needs. Easy code free configuration means you can publish a beautiful Self Service portal experience in a matter of minutes, customised to include your company logo, background imagery, and corporate colours.

'My Boards’ helps you organize work effectively

‘My Boards’ give you a highly visual way of showing various aspects of requests and help your staff organize their activities efficiently so they get more effective at their roles.A Board can be for the use of an individual, or shared with other team members, or other teams, and can be organized according to your preferences including:

  • Process stages – e.g. you can show all requests that have moved from the planned stage to the review stage
  • Priority
  • Classifications – e.g. by organizations or by products

A Board can be for the use of an individual member of the service desk team, or shared with other team members, or other teams.Request cards can be added automatically from business processes or manually to any given list (lane) on a board. Each request card can be moved manually or automatically from one list to another on a board as it moves through its request life cycle. Providing users and management with a real time view for all requests, their current progress through process life-cycles and which members of the team have responsibility for each.

IT Asset Management

Service Manager’s Asset Management capability helps you monitor assets through all the stages of their life cycle. By tracking the performance and costs of assets, and the relationships between them, you can make better strategic decisions and hence improve the IT environment.

With Asset Management, it’s easy to maintain detailed hardware and software inventory information to help IT support the users of the assets and make better decisions about hardware and software purchases and redistribution.

Seamlessly integrate Hornbill with your existing asset discovery solutions to ensure that your data is synchronized, allowing analysts to record issues against assets by associating them to requests.

Policy Management

A challenge with configuration management databases can be the sheer volume of configuration items (CIs). Configuration Manager allows you to select which configuration items you have under policy. These "In Policy" CIs will be those that have a significant value within your infrastructure, whether it be of financial or operational importance you can focus on the CIs that your organisation depends on.

  • Quick search for CIs
  • Launch the CI Explorer from any CI
  • Apply Policy options on any CI with a simple click
  • Easy access to the details of any CI

Exploring Configuration Items

Using Hornbill Configuration Manager's CI Explorer, relationships and dependencies between CIs can be visualized and easily updated. At a glance, have an understand of the potential impact an off-line service or asset may have.

  • Selecting a CI displays key information and drill down ability to view details
  • Two way relationship settings
  • Change focus to put any CI at the root
  • View relationships with assets, services, users, documents, and requests
  • Filter the view to show high impact relationships

Service Manager Integration

Installing Hornbill's Configuration Manager instantly provides the CI Explorer to requests, assets, and services, giving the support teams another tool for investigating issues and helping find resolutions faster.

  • Launch the CI Explorer directly from a request to get a visual of services, assets, users, that may either cause or be impacted by the reported issue.
  • Launch the CI Explorer directly from an asset to view its related CIs to get the big picture