• Visualize, Explore, and Manage Your CMDB

    Take control of your Service and Asset Configuration with Hornbill's Configuration Manager. Visually navigate through your configuration items, giving you an instant picture of relationships and impact between configuration items.

    Configuration Manager

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    Hornbill Configuration Manager is an advanced application that extends Hornbill Service Manager and introduces a graphical CI Explorer that lets you visualize relationships and the impact between configuration items while placing key assets "In Policy" opens additional options for managing the services and assets that are key to your business operations.

    CI Explorer

    Visualize the relationships and impact between configuration items while browsing through services, assets, requests, and people.

    Manage Configuration Policy

    Put your most important CIs into policy to open up additional management options.

    Asset Timelines

    In Policy assets provide a collaboration timeline to allow for discussions and the ability to follow key assets so that you are always kept up to date.

    Asset Task Management

    In Policy assets have access to Activity Management allowing you to set tasks for staff to fulfill against each asset item.

    Service Manager Integration

    Instant access to the CI Explorer from Service Manager to help with investigations and analysis of issues.

    Collaborative Configuration Management

    Seamlessly integrates with collaboration and task management features of the Hornbill platform.

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    Policy Management

    A challenge with configuration management databases can be the sheer volume of configuration items (CIs). Configuration Manager allows you to select which configuration items you have under policy. These "In Policy" CIs will be those that have a significant value within your infrastructure, whether it be of financial or operational importance you can focus on the CIs that your organisation depends on.

    • Quick search for CIs
    • Launch the CI Explorer from any CI
    • Apply Policy options on any CI with a simple click
    • Easy access to the details of any CI

    Exploring Configuration Items

    Using Hornbill Configuration Manager's CI Explorer, relationships and dependencies between CIs can be visualized and easily updated. At a glance, have an understand of the potential impact an off-line service or asset may have.

    • Selecting a CI displays key information and drill down ability to view details
    • Two way relationship settings
    • Change focus to put any CI at the root
    • View relationships with assets, services, users, documents, and requests
    • Filter the view to show high impact relationships

    Service Manager Integration

    Installing Hornbill's Configuration Manager instantly provides the CI Explorer to requests, assets, and services, giving the support teams another tool for investigating issues and helping find resolutions faster.

    • Launch the CI Explorer directly from a request to get a visual of services, assets, users, that may either cause or be impacted by the reported issue.
    • Launch the CI Explorer directly from an asset to view its related CIs to get the big picture

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    We offer a free implementation service called Switch-On which gets you integrated with Single-Sign-on, brings in your users and customer information as well as getting Hornbill applications and business processes configured, getting you up and running the same day with no fuss, no complicated or expensive installs and no need to find budget for consultancy services.