• Our Story

    We built Hornbill around a simple yet powerful idea: to help people at work communicate and share information across business, geographical and cultural boundaries while simplifying the process of getting things at work done.

    Having provided software solutions since 1995 we have learned that people are the power behind every great organization and that sharing knowledge and experience in an open and collaborative way is the route to a better run business.

    We believe that business applications should be as simple to use as social consumer applications, underpinned with powerful collaboration and process automation capabilities, to deliver beautiful collaborative line-of-business applications that help teams get work done.

    About Hornbill

    The Hornbill story began in 1995, when our CEO and Founder Gerry Sweeney felt that the helpdesk market needed a new and innovative tool to enable IT service management success. Today, more than 30,000 analysts at thousands of public and private sector organizations use our service management solutions every day.

    Building on the success of our service management solutions, Hornbill have developed and brought to market its next generation products delivering collaborative applications that are modern, simple, intuitive and easy to use, expanding its portfolio of products and solutions to meet a broader range of business needs.

    Hornbill can be accessed online, on desktops or on the move with native mobile phone or tablet apps. Hornbill works in any continent, and in any language and on any platform where a web browser and internet access are available.