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    • Posted 2017-01-04 16:58:18

    Digital Transformation at Aylesbury Vale District Council

    If you missed my last blog post, where I chat with Adam Haylock (Service Delivery Manager), Maryvonne Hassall (IT Strategy Manager) and Andrew Grant (CEO) about Enterprise Service Management and Collaboration at Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC), you can catch up here.

    This time round we discuss the Digital Transformation programme, which enables customers to interact with AVDC’s services online.  However, this digital vision isn’t limited to the services that the Council offers.  AVDC is committed to delivering increased value, by brokering additional services from business partners and making them available to their customers.  Andrew Grant explains that AVDC wants to provide the thinnest sliver of digital interface between the customer, and what they want to do, so that their requests can be easily fulfilled.

    AVDC is working with Amazon and Arcus Global  to enable customers to request services through Amazon Echo. Customers can ask “Alexa, when is my bin day?” or “Alexa, how much council tax do I owe?” and Artificial Intelligence integration enables Alexa to respond to the customer’s request through AVDC’s My Account service. 

    AVDC is a shining example of how modern councils need to operate on the road to financial self-sufficiency.  The video contains sound and practical advice for organisations that want to know more about digital transformation.  Adam Haylock makes a key point; it’s all about alignment and if you want to offer a digital experience to customers, you have to offer a digital experience to staff.   

    Click here to watch Adam Haylock speaking about AVDC’s experience with Hornbill Service Manager


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