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Reduce the administrative burden associated with ITSM

on administration, and there are a number of things to look for in your new solution.

No more upgrades. The process of upgrading shouldn’t require significant time, effort or resource – nor should you need to schedule upgrades well in advance, make a lot of changes to current working practices, or train staff on how to use new functionality. Look for continuous deployment – a modern approach to rolling out software enhancements that ensures you are always on the latest version.

Customizations that keep working when updates are deployed. A significant barrier to upgrading a legacy ITSM solution has traditionally been the difficulty of carrying forward any customizations previously made. As a result you may find yourself stranded on an old version and missing out on new functionality. A modern ITSM solution should completely eliminate this problem by ensuring that any customizations that have been made will automatically keep working when updates are deployed.

Relevant metrics and insightful reports at the push of a button. Producing metrics information and reports should not be labor intensive. Look for dashboards and easily configurable reports, available at the push of a button to help you visualize and communicate service improvements. This way you can highlight the value delivered to the business on an ongoing basis.

No server maintenance or backup. With a modern second-generation SaaS deployment, your ITSM vendor should take care of all maintenance and backups as part of your subscription fee.

Easy customization without big projects or expensive consultancy. Modern ITSM solutions should enable you to customize processes easily through graphical process builders with drag-and-drop functionality.

Find a Service Desk tool with these features and you’ll free up hours, so you can focus your time on delivering value where it’s really needed. Plus, you’ll get the best out of your service desk solution without the need for technical expertise.

This brings me to the end of this series in which I’ve touched on a number of ways you can simplify ITSM so that you can better meet modern user expectations and deliver more value to the business.


Gerry Sweeney

Written by Gerry Sweeney

Our CEO, Gerry Sweeney, founded Hornbill in 1995 and launched our very first product Supportworks, a Helpdesk tool used by IT teams. Gerry is an industry beacon for innovation, ensuring the Hornbill platform has the fastest release cycles to deliver the market with the latest in workflow automation, service management and collaboration.