Meet modern user expectations driven by consumer experiences

As I discussed in my introduction to this series, many business applications give a user experience that is far removed from that of the apps that people use in their everyday lives. With the consumerization of IT, end-users and service desk agents now expect an ITSM solution to deliver a fresh and intuitive user experience. Meeting these modern expectations will save you money by enabling more effective working practices, and will help to create an engaged, loyal workforce.

To ensure your new solution meets modern user expectations, here are a couple of major items you should have on your shopping list.

An intuitive interface. Staff must be able to take immediate advantage of the solution’s functionality without the need to attend training courses. An intuitive interface that’s instantly familiar and incorporates social sharing principles will allow new staff to make a valuable contribution from the get go. In a matter of seconds, ‘in app nano training’ makes staff aware of how to use new functionality as it is made available within the solution via continuous deployment.

Support for collaborative working. Your ITSM solution should incorporate social principles to empower people, facilitate teamwork and support the agile working practices of modern business. For example, you should be able to quickly bring a subject matter expert into a conversation by simply mentioning them in a post. You should also be able to follow a social object, such as a person, a ticket or a document, so that information and updates come to you. The solution should also take advantage of the knowledge and self-sufficiency of your end-users, capturing and sharing knowledge so that it can be reused and augmented over time.

With a solution like this, you can demonstrate leadership to your IT users by employing innovative approaches. You can proactively embrace opportunities arising from the consumerization of IT, providing better customer experiences while lowering cost and managing risk. You’ll provide greater value to the business and IT consumers, helping to lower the risk of outsourcing. Finally, you can really demonstrate the value you contribute. That way, the business will come to see the IT team as not just a supporting function but a trusted advisor on getting the best results from technology.

In my final entry in this series, I’ll look at the fourth of our strategies for simplifying ITSM: that of reducing the administrative burden.

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