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SPOTLIGHT: Landmark - Rapid delivery and automation drives IT value

Gerry Sweeney -
SPOTLIGHT: Landmark - Rapid delivery and automation drives IT value

Landmark Information Group is the UK’s leading provider of legal products and data supply to the UK property market. During the second half of 2019, the IT team implemented Hornbill to centralize and automate their service management processes to reduce costs and improve the speed of delivery. I asked Frank Reay how their plans had progressed, and this is what he had to say:

  • Can you give me a brief background of who you are and what your role is at Landmark?
    My name is Frank Reay and I am the Service Transformation Manager. My team support the Operations Department at Landmark, which includes change and release management, end user computing, and the automation of departmental processes.

  • Which Service Desk tool was in place at Landmark before you deployed Hornbill for IT?
    Prior to implementing Hornbill, Landmark was using Zendesk.

  • What were the business drivers and reasons for implementing a new solution?
    As a product, Zendesk was moving in a different direction to what we wanted from our Service Management offering. We needed software that was built from the ground up as a Service Management tool, with multiple tasks within requests, opportunities for automation, potential for growth with a partner that was exploring new areas and, most importantly, a modern, codeless workflow designer.

  • What was your first impression of Hornbill?
    Our first demo of Hornbill highlighted the benefits of a single screen, codeless workflow designer. We wanted the opportunity to build our own solutions, with support from the vendor to steer us in the right direction.

  • What other solutions did you consider/shortlist before choosing Hornbill Service Manager?  

    We looked at Cherwell, JIRA and Ivanti.

  • What was your impression of Hornbill during the selection process?

    We felt that Hornbill was a good fit for us as a company. The CEO was accessible,
    and we felt that we were a valued customer. The commercial offering, with fixed priced subscriptions for life, free training of new personnel, and the ability to terminate our subscriptions at any time, was very persuasive.

  • What would you consider your biggest personal success coming out of the project?
    Alongside managing all our other priorities, we were able to smoothly deliver the tool within around 3 months. This was due to the knowledge transfer process, which ensured that by the time we went live, we had several in-house Hornbill ‘experts’ resulting in a relatively seamless switch over from Zendesk.

  • Since you went live with Hornbill Service Manager, how has it gone?
    The tool has settled in well, and both users and agents appreciate the focus that Hornbill has provided. The system is stable and any significant issues are quickly addressed. Self-sufficiency means that we can roll out new services quickly, and at the same time, streamline our change management processes.

  • Can you highlight three things that you love about Hornbill?
    The three things I like best are:
    • Hornbill’s continual deployment approach, means that the tool is constantly being developed, improved, and updated. New features appear regularly, which provides us with opportunities to increase our automation.

    • The workflow designer and ‘progressive capture’ of user questions has allowed us to centralize our processes, drive efficiency and cut costs, by replacing other service delivery systems around the company.

    • We feel like we are a valued customer. As part of the Hornbill community, we receive feedback on suggestions and problems, and actively participate with other customers to enhance the product and maximize the use of its capabilities.
  • Is there anything else you would like to mention in relation to Hornbill?
    We have found Hornbill staff to be very responsive to any issues and we have received good customer support. The wiki and Hornbill Community are both active and very useful points of reference.

Landmark’s service management organization is laser focused on delivering value. Hornbill’s 100% codeless environment means that the team is self-sufficient, and can rapidly implement, automate and integrate any service delivery process. Their roadmap highlights how Hornbill will be used to make life at work better for service delivery teams right across the business.

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