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What happened at our London and Manchester user groups?

Martin Stewart -

After the success of our in-person Hornbill User Group events at the end of last year, we decided to continue these events. A few weeks ago, we welcomed a full room of customers to both our London and Manchester events. The agenda for both was the same. For those of you who couldn’t make it, here’s a roundup of what was covered:

What's new in Hornbill?

First off, we had an update on the Hornbill product, including new features and integrations—as well as what’s coming next in the pipeline. We also spoke about the Hornbill beta program. “How do we get into the beta program?” was the first question. All our customers will be emailed soon to let them know about the beta program. Application will be through a simple web form. To make sure we have your email address, get in touch with us at


Customer presentation: Square Enix

We were lucky to have Gareth presenting on how they went from 0% to 90% self-service adoption within 6 months—inspiring other teams to deliver a unified digital experience with an enterprise-wide service portal. Top tips from Gareth’s presentation include:

  • Aim for a service portal, not an IT service portal. Consolidate fragmented user experiences to make your portal a convenient and compelling experience.
  • Engage early. Actively ask what people want to see in a service portal. Go and talk to the service providers. Go and talk to the end users.
  • Find the places where the information that people need lives. If, at first, you can’t bring it into the portal, link to it from the portal. Don’t force too much change on people at once.
  • Focus on high-profile teams first. What they do gets noticed.
  • Actively market your portal. Don’t stop monitoring and driving adoption. Not driving adoption of a portal is a waste of the work that went into creating it. It’s like buying a house and never moving in.


First launch of Hornbill AI (HAi) to customers

Trev from Hornbill's AI Lab team presented on HAi (our new suite of AI-powered tools). If you couldn’t attend the event, you can find out more about Hornbill’s new AI features here:

If you haven’t done so already, sign up for the Hornbill Academy, where you find a course on Getting started with Hornbill AI (plus a lot more).


What's new in the Hornbill Academy?

Speaking of the Hornbill Academy, we’re keen to help customers get as much value from Hornbill as they can. Joel and his team have been busy adding new courses to the Hornbill Academy—making it easy for customers to get started with more of new and existing capabilities that Hornbill delivers. Customers can sign up at


Roundtable discussions

We like to make sure customers are aware of the latest features and what’s in the pipeline, but conversations with other customers are one of the big reasons people come to our user groups. That’s why we like to set aside the majority of time in the afternoon for roundtable discussions. By running a hands-up poll of the room, we gather topic suggestions and then nominate tables for different discussions so that customers can choose where they want to be. Each table has at least one Hornbill solutions expert on-hand to help with technical solutions to the challenge you have—spanning everything from ESM to workflows and automations to best practices, and beyond.

Roundtables are followed by drinks in the bar so that delegates can network and get into some deeper discussions about the ideas shared during the day.


Join us at our future user group events

If you’d like to attend one of our in-person user group events, make sure you’re on our email list by contacting us at We’ll also be running virtual user group events throughout 2024—so if you can’t travel, you won’t miss out. All our in-person and virtual group events are free to attend. We hope to see you soon!


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