• Your Customers want to Chat to you, Answer their Questions Provide Help in Real Time.

    Hornbill Live Chat is a fast and personal way to engage with your customers ensuring a timely resolution or response. Live Chat offers customers near instant access to help and advice keeping them happy or productive depending on the nature of the support you offer. Hornbill understands customers are used to messaging its now a part of our everyday communication channels offering a quick and convenient means to way to get thing done and communicate.

    Native integration to other Hornbill Apps like Service Manager ensures that Live Chat seamlessly enables you to elevate any chat into a formal Service Desk ticket where required.


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    Engage your customers! Deliver first class customer support by making your support team accessible facilitating a responsive support experience solving problems, answering questions and delivering solutions that make your customers happy in real time.


    Anyone there? Make sure you don't miss anything important with real time notifications pushed to your phone or the Hornbill interface ensuring a timely response for the customer.


    Chatting about something complex? Need help? No problem bring in colleagues to help through Hornbill collaboration. Automatically add them in as a participant as they join the Live Chat.


    Sprichst du Deutsch? Don't speak the language? Not a problem Hornbill Live Chat will turn interpreter for you and soon have you on the road to resolving your customers query or issue regardless.


    Text, Tweets, Images, YouTube Videos, Vine, Vimeo whatever works to help your customer communicate their issue or question or you to provide the solution.

    Who and When

    Easily define who can initiate a Live Chat session, what agents are available to respond including setting limits on when the Live Chat channel is available on the portals in line with your support coverage.

    Audit Trail

    Every conversation is available down the road if you need to come back to it, furthermore integration with the Service Desk means that unresolved conversations can be elevated into tickets or requests underpinned by workflow.

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    One click install from the Hornbill App Store and some simple configuration is all that sits between you and having Hornbill Live Chat integrated into your Hornbill Service or Hornbill Customer Portals. This introduces the possibilities for providing an additional support channel to your customers to compliment your self service and sit alongside more traditional channels such as email and telephone support. Customers will be able to seek help and advise in real time ensuring a high degree of customer satisfaction and reducing the overall workload on your support staff as conversations can be resolved there and then.


    Dropping the ball can result in significant impact or distress for your customers. Notifications are built into the Hornbill Collaboration platform that facilitate real time notifications via the browser or your mobile thanks to the Native iOS iPhone and Android apps available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Configure Live Chat keep your support team informed of new conversations and any updates to ongoing discussions.


    Collaborate with your support colleagues using the intuitive Hornbill Collaboration capabilities to seek out and find the solutions and answers your customers are looking for easily and simply. Leveraging this capability the Hornbill Live Chat gives the agents assigned to manage Chat sessions the ability to seek out and bring in the expertise required form elsewhere in the support ream required to help answer or resolve the questions and issues posed by your customers. Automatically bring colleagues in to the chat session allowing multiple agents to simultaneously interact with your customer.


    Customers don't all speak the same language as you or your support staff. The ability to offer support in the customers native language is a distinct advantage, however this often comes at a cost where you have to retain staff who are multi lingual. Hornbill Live Chat has built in translation capabilities allowing you to communicate with your customers regardless of the language barrier. In line translation capabilities break down the language barrier ensuring a seamless support experience for all.

    Share and Attach

    A picture paints a thousand words! Supporting evidence is often key to getting to the bottom of an issue or enquiry. Similarly being in a position to easily communicate a solution can be a challenge. Hornbill Live Chat facilitates your customers and support staff to add, in addition to text, pictures and media the following:

    • Tweet
    • Embedded Images (Copy and Paste)
    • YouTube Videos
    • Vimeo
    • Vine

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    We offer a free implementation service called Switch-On which gets you integrated with Single-Sign-on, brings in your users and customer information as well as getting Hornbill applications and business processes configured, getting you up and running the same day with no fuss, no complicated or expensive installs and no need to find budget for consultancy services.