Hornbill Platform

Automate and digitize your organizations' workflows with a series of fully integrated, intuitive applications for your enterprise.


Digital technology significantly improves the economics of any business, and that's driving Digital Transformation; something that is on every organization's strategic roadmap.

"Automate the flow of work throughout your organization, connect silos and bring people, technology, data, and systems together, giving you better efficiency, better productivity, better employee experiences and lower costs, creating a real competitive advantage for your company."

Every company has this goal.

Hornbill's platform and solutions enable you to achieve this goal. Each solution is designed to support your unique business functions, but delivered on a unified technology platform, with a shared data model and full integration between them. Business users can easily automate workflows both within and across departments, with a no-code environment meaning no expensive consultancy or technical projects required to start realizing value.


At the heart of any digital transformation agenda is a flexible workflow automation capability. Express complex business workflows graphically, no code, no specialist technical expertise. With departmental autonomy, draw your processes and watch your people, systems, and data intelligently follow what you draw. Monitor the flow of work throughout your organization, and adjust and adapt to changes easily, making you both responsive and agile.

consumer experience


The most important, and valuable asset any organization has to invest in is its people. Hiring in today's economy is not only expensive, but it's highly competitive too. To attract and retain the best, you have to create frictionless consumer-like experiences for your employees, a single portal to enable your employees to interact with all internal service providers, unified, simplified and accessible on desktop and mobile devices.


Collaboration, digital workspaces, real-time chat, and shared mailboxes all ensure that conversations and knowledge flow effortlessly, customer communications are consistent, traceable while work is getting done.



Advanced analytics delivers insights that enable fast, informed decisions. Data is transformed into easy-to-consume visuals that ensure metrics are kept top-of-mind. Create and share customized dashboards and interactive reports easily, share your reports and dashboards.

Key Features

  • Process workflow & automation

  • Cloud & enterprise integrations

  • Advanced analytics & reporting

  • Conversations

  • Collaboration

  • Appstore

  • Shared mailboxes

  • Always-on cloud

  • Desktop & mobile