Funding IT investments in 2022 and beyond

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Funding IT investments

The last two years have reshaped the business landscape.

The days of ‘good enough’ are over. Organizations bogged down by old strategies are being overtaken by digitally agile disruptors. Skin-deep transformation (adding digital front ends to legacy systems) has helped organizations survive, but to thrive in the future requires a radical shift in enterprise technology. That means new investment to enable innovative new forms of digital value for customers.

This is hyper-transformation. Substantial transformation at speed. At this speed, pedestrian paths to investment don’t work. The old (slow) investment models are out-of-step with the journey ahead. IT needs to continually align tech strategy with business strategy to deliver value and remain relevant. But aligning plans is one thing. Getting investment is another.

Read this paper to find out how you can reinvent your investment approach to fit the new pace of business.

What you will learn:

  • What the new landscape looks like
  • Why you need allies to succeed
  • Why outdated investment planning acts as a handbrake
  • What the new investment blueprint looks like
  • How to clearly define the “why”

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