• 21st century ITSM – is it really worth the trouble?

    21st century ITSM – is it really worth the trouble?

    I’ve been drawing on a recent Aberdeen Group research report to explain what distinguishes best-in-class ITSM, or ‘21st century ITSM’ as Aberdeen calls it. While the answer wasn’t about technology, it was about technology-enabled capabilities – particularly collaborative and mobile ones.

    In case this sounds like advocating technology for its own sake – or at best to gratify the whims of end-users – I’d like to conclude this series of posts by looking at the evidence for the benefits of 21st century ITSM.

    Aberdeen found that best-in-class ITSM functions gain several important advantages from using this approach. They:

    • Complete IT projects on time and within budget, at a 42% higher rate than average organizations.
    • Experience less than half the average rate of downtime.
    • Respond 2.5 times as fast to service requests.
    • Reduce help desk costs by more than 5% – a few by more than 30%.

    It’s clear that the approach we’re discussing does much more than pander to tech-crazed users. It brings very real benefits for the business, while greatly enhancing IT’s reputation.

    If your users are dissatisfied, it might be worth probing a bit more to find out what they want. You might well find that they are keen to embrace the same collaborative and mobile experiences that they have in their private lives, helping themselves and helping others. By implementing ITSM technology that enables this you could be doing everyone a favor.

    I hope now that I’ve whetted your appetite you’ll download the Embracing 21st Century ITSM report.


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