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What is the role of Service Transition, and should we be making it redundant?

I attended an excellent session yesterday at the University of Oxford, which was organized by itSMF UK and the Service Transition SIG. The topic for the day - Transitioning agile projects into service - drove excellent discussions about the role of the Service Transition Manager, how it was impacted by agile, and what needs to change to allow traditional ITSM to adapt at the speed of business.

At the end of the session, I was joined by Matt Hoey (Acting Chair of the Service Transition SIG), Mark Lillycrop (Head of Professional Services & Publishing – itSMF UK) and Jeff Bartrop (Operational & Service Design at BT), and we took 15 mins to summarize the main points that came out during the day.


Enjoy the podcast and look out for more announcements from itSMF UK in the coming weeks, as they will be publishing more detailed output from the session -


Patrick Bolger

Written by Patrick Bolger

Chief Evangelist and renowned industry expert, Patrick Bolger, is a key voice and guiding influencer in the Service Management industry. He is an active contributor to strategic industry groups and partnerships and is a compelling and popular speaker at events worldwide.