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Service Manager Integration with a Workspace

Albina Bardhi -


Maximizing Collaboration: Integrating Hornbill Service Manager with Workspaces 

Seamless updates across platforms 

With the integration of Hornbill Service Manager and Hornbill Collaboration, teams can seamlessly manage workflows and associated communications. One standout feature of this integration is its ability to automate updates from Service Manager requests directly to Collaboration workspaces. As requests progress through different stages, relevant updates are automatically shared with team members - ensuring everyone stays informed.

Customizable workflows for transparent communication 

Customizable workflows let you automatically post tailored messages to different workspaces based on request stages. This facilitates transparent communication and allows teams to stay synchronized. This automated process is particularly beneficial when requests originate from posts within workspaces - seamlessly transitioning ideas into actionable tasks. 

Centralized collaboration hub 

Hornbill Collaboration is as a central hub for teams - offering features like news feeds and dedicated workspaces to keep users up-to-date with what's important to them. This centralized platform enhances team connectivity and ensures that crucial information is easily accessible to all members.

Video tutorial: Enhancing collaboration and automation 

In the accompanying video tutorial, you will learn practical ways to enhance collaboration and automate updates using the integration between Hornbill Service Manager and Hornbill Collaboration. Topics covered include: 

  • Enhance collaboration: Team members can raise requests, report incidents, seek solutions, and ask for help directly within Collaboration workspaces, fostering a collaborative environment.
  • Automate updates: Updates from various types of requests, incidents, or problems can be automated to be posted in relevant workspaces as comments or posts. This ensures team members are informed of progress, leading to efficient request management and resolution without navigating multiple platforms. 


Unlocking organizational efficiency 

By leveraging the integration between Hornbill Service Manager and Hornbill Collaboration, organizations can streamline service management processes, foster collaboration, and achieve greater operational efficiency. Start today and unlock the full potential of Hornbill for your organization.


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