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Experience is the new battlefield

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Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX) are critical to business success

We live in an experience economy. The experience that surrounds a service is now as important as the service itself. Slick digital service experiences are an expectation. The world has gone “digital first”. Automated service experiences now pervade every aspect of our personal and consumer lives. 


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Digital technology is transforming every area of business, but customer experience (CX) is a priority

Global consulting firm, North Highland, found that 87% of business leaders see CX as the top-growth engine but only 1 in 3 are ready for it. Large organizations with big IT budgets typically had the advantage—until now. Today, codeless service management platforms like Hornbill put the creation of new digital experiences within reach of every team in your organization.

Drag-and-drop experience design means department heads and digital transformation leaders aren’t reliant on the IT team to enable new outcomes for customers, employees, partners, and suppliers. They can create new services and experiences in just a few hours. With no need for developers, organizations of all sizes can enjoy the transformative benefits of scalable digital technology at a much lower cost.


Organizations like yours are investing in technology to create new digital experiences faster

According to the IDC Spending Guide, global investment in technology to create digital experiences (DX) will hit $1.8 trillion in 2022—an increase of 17.6% over 2021—and this growth will be sustained until 2025 and beyond.


Why Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience matter

Bad customer experiences lose you customers. Bad employee experiences lose you employees. There’s a war for both. Customers and employees want simple digital experiences, and they want them now. Technology is the enabler—giving you the ability to create new, digital experiences in minutes with codeless, drag-and-drop creation.

If you want to improve your customer and employee experiences, read this report to understand where to start and how Enterprise Service Management technology fits into the equation:

Read the report: Digital transformation: Experience is the new battlefield


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