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Deliver the HR Service experience your employees deserve - Part 8

Marketing your services

This penultimate blog post in this series discusses the important task of marketing your services.

Although the people involved in establishing HR Service Management will have been exposed to its objectives and will support new ways of working with a passion, other employees may not embrace the change. Effective marketing is required to ensure that employees understand why you are making these changes and the benefits they are likely to get as a result.

Benefits of the new HR Service Portal

The list below includes examples of some of the benefits that managers, employees and HR teams typically realize after implementing a HR Service Management solution.

  • A single destination for employees to request services, track progress and interact with HR service delivery teams
  • Single Sign On – no additional user names or passwords to remember
  • An intuitive and consumer-like experience for all your HR Services
  • Simple online forms with drop downs, check boxes and date pickers for swift completion
  • Step-by-step guidance that collects all the information HR needs, so employees only need to provide it once
  • Automatic notifications keep you posted about what happens next, what you need to do, and how to get help
  • Guidance, documentation and knowledge available outside of normal business hours 24/7
  • Access from mobile phones and tablets
  • Track progress made with your requests without having to contact HR
  • Structured, trackable request management means HR teams no longer need to search through generic mailboxes and unstructured emails to find and process requests
  • Powerful workflow creates tasks and assigns them to the correct HR team for faster completion

Although the list above is not exhaustive, it captures many of the benefits typically realized from effective HR Service Management. However, the benefits must resonate with your employees and managers, so the messages must be tuned to fit your audience. Consult your Marketing or Internal Communications teams, as they should be able to help you streamline these messages and offer ideas to help you advertise and promote the launch of your new solution.

HR Service Delivery teams can announce the launch by including links within their email signatures and by asking employees - “Did you know that you could have logged this request via the HR Service Portal?” - when they call. These techniques can support a soft-launch, which gradually introduces employees into a new way of working. Once the launch date has passed, the message can be strengthened by HR staff asking - “Is there any reason why you have not raised this via the HR Service Portal?” The message will eventually get through, but patience and persistence are critical in the early days, as the benefits will only become apparent once people have adopted the new system and adapted to new ways of working.

In the final blog post of this series, we’ll talk about celebrating early success and preparing for continual improvement. If you’d rather not wait, download the Smart Guide now to help your organization - Deliver the HR Service Experience your employees deserve.

Deliver the HR Service Experience your Employees Deserve

Patrick Bolger

Written by Patrick Bolger

Patrick is dedicated to the communication of industry best practices, working with customers, industry associations and IT luminaries to identify trends and educate organizations on the opportunity associated with service excellence. Patrick is an active contributor to a number of strategic groups and partnerships that influence the service management industry, including the Service Desk Institute (SDI), Help Desk Institute (HDI), and the IT Service Management Forum (itSMF). He is a compelling and popular speaker at events worldwide and contributes to many industry publications.