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Coronavirus – Remote working and Collaboration

Gerry Sweeney -
Coronavirus – Remote working and Collaboration

Whilst people argue whether government responses to delay the spread of COVID-19 have been adequate, any measures that are being implemented now, will undoubtedly be escalated during the coming weeks, as countries try to flatten the peak of infections.

Although the government hadn’t restricted large gatherings, several organizers decided to postpone ITSM events in the UK. Alongside our own annual customer event, INSIGHTS 2020, the organizers of SDI20 and SITS have already made that tough decision, and we applaud them for making that call. Keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe, must be our number one priority, and our events will go ahead…just a bit later than planned.

Hornbill has already encouraged all employees to minimize their risk by limiting travel whenever possible.  Our infrastructure and operations can all be managed remotely, and in the event that all staff have to work remotely, we do not expect any degradation of service to customers.  As the situation unfolds, like us, you're probably considering remote working at unprecedented levels for your staff. Your projects and essential IT work must go on, so if you haven’t fully explored the power of collaboration, please consider this within your contingency plans. All the tools you need to collaborate effectively are already there, and ready to use, on your Hornbill instance.

In the seven years since Hornbill started its own journey, collaboration has truly transformed the company. Although It took persistence to get it established, it is now part of our DNA, and has enabled our teams to work seamlessly across three continents. Leveraging collaboration through our platform has given us more flexibility and resilience. Regardless of where teams are located, our ability to work together, and deliver the same level of service to our customers should not be impacted.

If you need any advice or guidance on how to get this working for you, we have plenty of resources to get you started. This Hornbill Academy Webinar on collaboration is just one example. If you need any help or guidance, please post your questions to the Hornbill Community, where alongside Hornbill staff, numerous customers will be happy to jump in and help.

If you want to encourage remote working, but do not have adequate subscriptions for your staff, please email, and we will provide free collaboration subscriptions to cover your remote staff until this challenging period is behind us.  

Best wishes, stay safe, stay well, and look after each other.


Gerry Sweeney, CEO

Hornbill ESM

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