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Be the change you so desperately seek!

Gerry Sweeney -
Be the change you so desperately seek!

I love the idea of this quote, attributed to the wise man Mahatma Gandhi this simple quote is profound because it strikes right at the heart of human behavior.   In every part of our lives, there is change, and most of it is outside of our control; change happens, and we must adapt. 

So why is it so many people shy away from change, what is it about change that people don't like?  

The most common idea I have heard is that people fear change, they fear the unknown and are happier doing what they are currently doing, just like that saying I have heard so many times "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", and that seems like a rational philosophy on the face of it.   The problem is though; change is essential because change is the mechanism of evolution, the only way you can make something better is to change it; otherwise it will always remain the same, and innovation is born out of the idea that nothing is perfect, it can always be better. 

In the world of IT, the world is changing fast, and we do not have time to procrastinate.  Organisations need to not only keep up, but they need to step up and embrace the changes before them.  Digital transformation is a real thing and its happening now, and the most significant barrier to moving forward is the fear of change.  Technology and consumer engagement is driving these changes. This environment is not a problem for IT as its often seen, it is making IT in business is a more powerful force now than it has been for the last decade or more.  

Digital Transformation is what the market has labeled it, and it is probably the best opportunity for "IT" since the idea of "IT" was conceived.  Digital Transformation sounds big, but there is nothing fancy or clever here, figure out ways of applying technology to give your organization cost savings, a meaningful competitive advantage or a stronger future vision to help attract new customers, if you can achieve all three then expect a place at the strategic table.

Don't let your executive outsource IT to the cloud because cloud companies are more innovative or offer more hope for the future, stand up and lead your organization into their next IT revolution. Your executives want to be innovators, future seekers, and visionaries, so if you're working in IT, grow some leadership b***s show them how. 

The bottom line is this.  Don't just complain about something not working or moan that something should change, make the change happen, do whatever you can in your power to entice, encourage, coerce or act to drive change, make change happen.  If you genuinely feel something needs to change and you cannot effect change, try really hard, and if you fail that's fine, walk away defeated, but knowing you have done everything in your power to do the right thing by your organization, and go and find somewhere else where you can actually make a difference. The harsh reality is, not every organization will survive the speed of change. 

Everyone can effect change, don't give up, be the change you so desperately seek!

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