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Awesome Font Font Awesome!

At Hornbill we love innovation, its our driving force and we love doing it.  Innovation is not just about creating your own innovative technologies its also about knowing a good partner when you see one.  Around three years ago we completely rebuilt all of our browser UIs using modern web frameworks including AngularJS and Bootstrap UI and at the same time decided to include a superb component known as Font Awesome.  This is the component that gives us the many crisp, smooth and beautifully scalable icons we use in our application.

Font Awesome has always been open source and free for all to use, that in its self is truly amazing given the amount of work that goes into the creation of these icons.  Recently, the team over at Font Awesome began a Kickstarter to raise $30k to build the next version of their component, Font Awesome 5.  By means of a massive thank you from all at Hornbill we wanted to express our gratitude to the Font Awesome team so we backed their campaign, and in exchange got the Hornbill logo placed into the Font Awesome component.

Their campaign has achieved amazing results, their $30k target was hit right out of the park with the campaign exceeding $1,000,000.  They have given a lot to the developer community for free,   so I guess the success of their campaign reflects perfectly the gratitude that is felt by all that use what they provide. 

Font Awesome is an Awesome component and at Hornbill we are both a grateful customer and a very proud sponsor of the team over at Font Awesome, we wish them all the very best.

If you don't already know about them, check them out here:

If you get in quick and want to sponsor their Kickstarter campaign:

Gerry Sweeney

Written by Gerry Sweeney

Gerry founded Hornbill in 1995 and has been responsible for the architecture, design, and planning of the products and technologies that form the core of Hornbill's solutions today.