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Feature Update - Service Manager Boards

This video takes a look at some of the updates to the Service Manager Boards. Boards can be used as an alternative to a request list or queue and they provide great visibility of the requests that are important to you and your team.  A new landing page for Boards has been added to give an overview of the boards available to you, and provides options for managing the boards that you own.

At the top of each list within a Board, it now summarizes the users that are assigned to requests by displaying their profile image along with how many requests are assigned to them. Each list shows the total number of requests within that list along with improved options for adding comments.

Moving requests between lists can be done with a simple drag and drop or they can be automated through a workflow associated to each request.  Each time a request is moved on a board it is tracked in the Board’s Log.  Each log entry records where the request was moved from and where it was moved to, along with who performed the action.  By hovering over a request ID with your mouse, an overview popup provides a new option to add the request to a Board.  When viewing the details of an individual request, an new action item has also been added to assign to a Board.


James Ainsworth

Written by James Ainsworth

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