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Feature Update - Parallel Processing in a Workflow

When fulfilling a change request, there is often a need to split the workload between multiple people or teams.  On a process driven change it is important to allow these activities to run in parallel in order for the change to be implemented in a timely and structured fashion.

The Parallel Processing in Hornbill’s Business Process Manager allows a process owner to easily configure multiple process streams within a single workflow.   Parallel processing is designed using start and finish parallel processing nodes which can be included at any point within a workflow.  The Start Parallel Processing option lets you branch out into multiple streams of processing, and the Finish Parallel Processing option brings all the streams back to a single point where all processing from each stream must be completed before continuing.

This simple configuration brings efficiency into your process, making sure that activities can be coordinated to make the best use of time.

James Ainsworth

Written by James Ainsworth

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